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Clarence Thomas Never Left the Old Thomas Plantation – Part 2

Clarence Thomas Never Left the Old Thomas Plantation – Part 2
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Anybody who studiously and sedulously followed Justice Clarence Thomas’ 1991 Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings is not the least bit apt to be flabbergasted by the widely alleged criminally heinous attempt by Mrs. Virginia “Ginni” Thomas to reverse the commanding 2020 Presidential-Election Victory of Mr. Biden over an incumbent President Donald John Trump (See “Ginni Thomas Urged Arizona Lawmakers to Reverse Biden’s Win: Report” The Hill 5/21/22). This is the sort of morally barbaric strongarming of the democratic electoral process that would not happen even in the most democratically fragile and philosophically benighted Third-World country. Definitely not in the West African nation of some 30-million-plus people in which yours truly was born and raised.

You see, Dear Reader, nobody who followed the Thomas’ Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings in 1991 would be surprised by the dastardly shenanigans of Mrs. Thomas because as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the then-Senator Biden had not acquitted himself as creditably as he ought to have been and could have been or should have been. The focus of the hearings clearly appeared to be almost hermetically focused on stereotypically painting the soon-to-be Associate Justice Clarence Thomas as the proverbial Black Male Sexual Beast in American mythology and folklore who did not the least bit deserve a fair and an objective hearing among a society of the civilized and the respectable, which did scarcely significantly to advance the cause of those African American Civil Rights Leaders who would rather have had any other Black Candidate or even a White Liberal Candidate offered the Supreme Seat recently vacated by the retired Justice Thurgood Marshall, except the one who had been nominated, clearly nose-thumbing fashion, by President George Herbert Walker Bush, or the Elder President Bush.

A hitherto practically nonchalant Mr. Thomas who had even vehemently disputed the fact of the Martin Luther King-led Black Civil Rights Revolution having had any significant impact on his own professional success as a Yale-educated lawyer, would finally be forced to characterize by the harsh realities of the very hostile climate under which he was being quizzed by the Biden-chaired Senate Judiciary Committee as “Hi-tech Lynching.” At least for a split-second or two, suddenly and perhaps even very instructively, Candidate Thomas had been brought back to his senses and to his primal self-recognition as a “Nigger” before a veritable White-Supremacist Sanhedrin. And it was not a very pretty sight at all. But, of course, this was only for a split-second or two.

If, indeed, it is true that Mrs. Virginia Thomas had criminally strategized with then-President Trump’s White House Chief of Staff, namely, Mr. Mark Meadows, to have the then former Vice-President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr’s seismic electoral victory literally chucked to the dogs and the dustbin heap of history, as it were, then it absolutely goes without saying that the wife of the presently longest-serving Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) may very well deserve to be rigorously prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law or the fullest extent allowable by the law. You see, Mrs. Thomas, unlike most of the other fanatical supporters of an irrecoverably defeated President Trump, who had equally criminally attempted to employ violence and raw intimidation to reverse the inalienable democratic will of the people, must have been fully aware of the dire and far-reaching consequences of her dastardly and irredeemably criminal attempt to summarily destroy the 200-plus-year-old institution of America’s democratic culture, the oldest single continuously operated civilized political culture in the modern world.

Mrs. Thomas may genuinely have an axe to grind with the man who calmly and, some have even claimed, comfortably presided over her husband's very hostile Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings, but she has absolutely no inalienable right to cavalierly presume or suppose that she could ride roughshod over or summarily nullify the sacred will and right of the more than 77 million American voters who cast their ballots in favor of the immediate and imperative need for the United States of America to pursue a more salutary course and cause other than the morally ignoble and ideologically opprobrious and downright genocidal direction charted by a Neo-Nazi White-Supremacist Nationalist Mr. Donald John Trump.

At any rate, he is probably not likely to be actively engaged on the Supreme Bench for more than approximately five years from now, else I would be wondering why nobody in Congress has publicly demanded the immediate resignation of Justice Thomas. It is quite obvious that his wife, Virginia, is deeply mired in the political affairs of the country in ways that her husband cannot be deemed or perceived to be totally innocent. Now, attempting to violently overthrow or prevent a newly and legitimately elected government in, of all places and countries, the United States of America, from assuming the reins of governance is not something on which Justice Thomas could have been completely blindsided by his wife. That would almost be tantamount to conjugal or marital infidelity, not that I would be that brazen enough to demand to be apprised of the details of when was the last time that the 70-something-year-old Justice Thomas had a smashingly seismic volcanic action with his white wife in the bedroom.

Now, the “white” aspect or the “whiteness” of Mrs. Thomas could be deemed to be a very significant factor vis-à-vis the discussion of the present subject, being that the very people that she has been officially and publicly accused of conspiring and colluding with would also, ironically, before the 1967 Supreme Court Decision to federally decriminalize interracial conjugation or marriage, would have had Mr. Thomas summarily executed by lynching for having had the chutzpah or the temerity to so royally violate the chastity and, in effect, the integrity of a member of the fairest gender of the Aryan and Teutonic race.

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By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., PhD

English Department, SUNY-Nassau

Garden City, New York

May 22, 2022

E-mail: [email protected]

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