ECG to urgently attend a repeatedly reported but ignored electrical fault on the compound of JULIKART pub/hotel in Mallam-Accra

Feature Article ECG to urgently attend a repeatedly reported but ignored electrical fault on the compound of JULIKART pubhotel in Mallam-Accra
MAY 24, 2022 LISTEN

I am by this publication conveying to the urgent attention of the Electricity Company of Ghana Limited, or the parent electricity provider and or, distributor of electricity in Ghana, the many years-old pending electrical fault on the compound of JULIKART, a popular and well-patronised pub/hotel in Mallam, a suburb of Accra metropolis.

Whilst in Ghana on holiday in February/March 2022, I used to visit the pub with my senior brother who had come from the United States of America (USA). On one such evening occasions, we paid a visit to one of his friends who lives not more than one hundred and fifty metres away from the pub. He was invited over to join us at the pub.

While seated around a table and teetotallers Rockson Adofo and his brother Kwaku Duah were sipping their bottled mineral water, the unnamed friend was enjoying his chilled bottles of beer.

The friend in question, unknown to me, and for the first time that both of us had met, did compliment me on my published articles. He told me he reads all my articles and does enjoy them.

He then pointed to me two electric poles on the compound of Julikart, barely ten metres away from our table and under which are two stalls from where kebab (“kyinkyinka”) is prepared for sale to the visitors come to the pub.

Again, he asked me to look up at the top of the poles from where three transformer connectors were in place. Barely had I raised my head to look as requested when I saw sporadic electric sparks but lasting for several minutes. He told me the problem has been ongoing for over three years and at times the sparks are so huge and last longer that customers have to run away from the compound, thus, the open space where tables and chairs are set with people queuing to buy kebab and or, waiting to be served, or are served, drinks.

When I asked to find out if the problem had been reported to the ECG, he answered in the affirmative. However, it has never been attended by them, he said.

The problem has the potential to cause death to people. If it escalates into electrical fire outbreak, it can kill any unfortunate soul to be around who may not be quick enough to run out of the place; or those running away may be run over by moving vehicles.

There are two busy roads, one in front of the pub/hotel and the other beside it.

If by the time this publication comes out and the problem has still not been resolved, I will kindly request the leaders of ECG to dispatch their engineers to attend as a stitch in time saves nine.

Hopefully, as there is only one Julikart pub/hotel in Mallam, not far from Mallam Junction, it will not be very difficult for the operatives of ECG to locate it.

Rockson Adofo

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

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