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Key to success in life: Character

Key to success in life: Character
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Learning success is not by money, parents' background and treatment, cities, and countries to be born into, or time of birth in history but by the character of an individual.

When observing the school systems of any nation from among the most underprivileged circumstances still students make it to higher education and universities. Statistics published in Germany a few years ago exposed that children from rich or/and well-educated families have the highest opportunity and chance to enjoy higher forms of education.

These naked figures give no evidence of the fact that a child decides for himself to make it in life and unshakable from personal circumstances works hard at school that he cannot climb up the ladder of intellectual and financial success. As otherwise, the people that made it from nobody to somebody would not be in the system giving other jobs in various forms. Scientific facts are not indicators of human destiny but a basis for discussing the best way forward to make people and nations excel.

When two people stand for the same position one will win, and one will lose the argument. Character makes you choose the right words at the right time for the right people and the individual personality adds impressively to the success of relating to the audience well. Lecturing is all about relationships with students even if the knowledge is the same as that of a lesser popular lecturer. Success in teaching and learning is 70-80% of the personal quality of the lecturer the rest is hard learning of the students.

The decision to hang out with friends and family each weekend and have great barbecues or constant parties after the football team matches in merchandise cost the fans a fortune while others work extra jobs, and save money for future investments to make their dream of an independent life in glory come true is entirely by personal decision. These decisions and results are based on the character of a person as long as the person has free will.

Build your character to lead you to and match you with your promised glory. Character comes for free in all societies at all times even in the darkest jungles of Africa.

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