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The Voters Have Spoken

The Voters Have Spoken
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Volta, North and Upper Regions voted solidly NDC. Why? We need political education paa because there are underpinnings of tribalism and some issues all over except for may be Central Region (C/R). Even that the jury is still out. No wonder so many people are amazed. If you can hear, go to '' and listen to Dr Obed Asamoah. What he said a few days ago has a lot for us to consider. He can't believe that C/R voted the way it did. He said that NDC won C/R by 54% in 1996 and so he does not see why the solid NPP this time around? It was even better in 2000, he said.

There is an assumption that people will vote along tribal lines and so had Dr. Atta-Mills won C/R he would have won the whole thing or at least there would have been a run-off. C/R has changed the political climate, we hope forever. I wish that there will be a strong political education in Ghana before 2008. (Do you know that NDC launched its campaign in Cape Coast? Why?)

Eguaafo knew that J.J Rawlings was going to dictate to Atta-Mills had he won. Limann was in the same situation for PNP in those days. My dad and others were around and they know what happened. Limann was NOT in charge. Twere-Bekoe, DeGraft Johnson and the others ran the show.

You may also click on top of Ghanaweb News to see the breakdown of the Election results. Volta, North and Upper Regions need a lot of political education for the unity of the nation. People ought to vote their conscience for the good of the nation. “Together we build, divided we fall.”

53% to 43% shows that like America, Ghanaians are moving towards a two-party state but our people need to be educated to vote wisely with the betterment of the nation in mind. Tribal politics will not lead us to “the Promise Land.”

We have a lot to ponder. We have miles to go before it gets dark.


Congrats to all. We are very happy to be called Ghanaians again.

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