20.05.2022 Feature Article

Presidents are not nations properties

Presidents are not nations properties
20.05.2022 LISTEN

Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, buried his predecessor Prof. Evans Atta Mills in a newly constructed cemetery with the order this should be done with all Presidents in the future. He claimed that a President is a special divine person, not a humble human being serving the nation after which he/she is again an ordinary citizen, part of his family with all the rights of burying the deceased loved one as the family feels right.

In Germany, like in so many other countries, the underlying concept and conviction of JD Mahama in this regard are not shared. In e.g. Germany any President and Chancellor is seen entirely as a very qualified citizen that deserves respect in his/her capacity of the Office of the President, not a hero, not a praised beyond recognition citizen, simply a servant who had performed in the office once entrusted to him.

19.05.2022 German Parliament has decided to cancel the privileges of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder of € 419.000 received in 2021 for office, chauffeur, car, and staff. Only body protection and pension will be paid to him. The Parliament has started the process of reconsidering the importance of former Presidents and Chancellors of a nation. It is widely agreed to pay for future services as required by the nation on a case-by-case basis, like any other political advisor.

The fact that Gerhard Schroeder refuses to stop lobbying on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin has triggered a much-needed change in thinking and most certainly can be used as a raw model for a new constitution of Ghana and other African nations.

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