20.05.2022 Article

An air of despondency dawns Africa! We can do better!

By Rhoda Wunnam Amadu
An air of despondency dawns Africa! We can do better!
20.05.2022 LISTEN

Inaction of the grieved, they say only guarantees continuance of the grievance! The recent surge in incidences of coups in Africa is only an augury of incessant cataclysms soon to afflict Africa if our political leaders do not awaken and respond to the woes of the people.

The recents happenings clearly resonate with the frustrations of the people and could only echo one thing, and that is the quest for change, progress and development! All the people are asking for is prodigious and people- centered leadership.

The masses are fed up to the back teeth with political leaders failing them. The hopes of multitudes are fading if not faded!

The masses are fed up with the idiosyncrasies that define politics in present day Africa. Greed, thirst for power, has plagued politics and casting it's darkest shadows on the true purpose of politics!

Today's Politicians are intoxicated with ego, power and greed, caring only about their selfish interest,their families and allies at the expense of the terrible situations of their people.

Many Politicians today have confused posturing as a proxy for real accomplishment and are only interested in power and prestige than they are about the welfare of their people.

The stark reality is that the citizenry is beginning to rise up against the present crop of political eunuchs and the patience of the people is gradually eroding, the youths are fiercely challenging ineffectual doctrines and the attendant growth of poverty.

Soon and very soon, Africa would no longer sit back and succumb to this political encroachment and further impoverish her already pathetic state.

African political leaders need to revisit our learn from past exemplars whose lessons are still surviving in our history.

African leaders must rise above greed, indifference, and the dictates of political interests and pursue the will of the people.

Africa needs its leaders to assume fiscal responsibility and enact policies that will boost development and economic prosperity that will eventually elevate the people from the precarious situations they find themselves.A sharp turn around is the antidote!

On the flip side, a part of the blame is on us! The choices we make! The basis on which we choose our leaders. We need to evaluate our leaders based on competence! We have to do all that we can to invoke change. We each have a contribution to the ultimate creation of a better Africa! The words of a concerned African.

Long Live Africa!

Rhoda Amadu

Youth Advocate

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