Akufo-Addo Does Not Take Marching Orders from Mahama

Feature Article Akufo-Addo Does Not Take Marching Orders from Mahama
MAY 20, 2022 LISTEN

He is the one making the claim and the charge that President Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has misappropriated some GHȻ 33 billion earmarked for the epic battle against the COVID-19 Global Pandemic on his 2020 reelection campaign, so the onus is squarely on former President John “European Airbus Payola” Dramani Mahama to prove or substantiate the validity of his rather outrageous accusation (See “Prove Mahama Wrong with Audited Report on COVID-19 Relief Funds – NDC Dares Gov’t” 4/26/22). The fact of the matter is that Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has proven his immediate predecessor wrong on too many occasions and in far too many instances for it to really matter whether he decides to fully and thoroughly account for the use of foreign financial assistance earmarked for the fight against the COVID-19 Global Pandemic or not. And this includes Mr. Mahama’s vacuous and patently scandalous declaration to the global Ghanaian community that the feasibility of the Fee-Free Senior High School Policy Initiative was the veritable pipedream of a desperate politician eager to clinch power at all costs.

Nana Akufo-Addo has also been able to resuscitate the Mahama bankrupted John Agyekum-Kufuor-implemented National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). Then there is also Nana Akufo-Addo’s yeomanly reactivation of the Asante Goldfields Corporation or the world-famous Obuasi Goldmines, which the then-President Mahama, according to The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei-Tutu, II, swore to Heaven and Earth had been effectively exhausted of all of its mineral resources and there was absolutely no way of bringing it back to life or active production. Well, as Otumfuo Osei-Tutu personally testified to a durbar of the chiefs and people of Kumasi and the Asante Federation, in general, it took the legendary “Little Man from Kyebi” to successfully reactivate the Obuasi Goldmines and get thousands of hitherto unemployed Ghanaian citizens gainfully employed by the Asante Goldfields Corporation once again.

If Kwame Gonja Akonfem-Kanazoe Ouagadougou Dramani Mahama really had any remarkable sense of shame and a conscience, he would not be making the sort of politically and morally outrageous and provocative demands that he has clearly demonstrated himself to be unqualified to make. More so, when as the Incumbent President of the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Ghana, Mr. Mahama imperiously declared that with the exception of former Presidents Jeremiah “Jerry” John Rawlings, late, and John “Kofi Diawuo” Agyekum-Kufuor, no other Ghanaian citizens were qualified to pass judgment on his dismal job performance, because no other Ghanaian citizens, including then-Candidates Akufo-Addo and Mahamudu Bawumia, had ever been elected to the Presidency. This is a man who still cannot forensically and credibly account for the highly suspicious death of his immediate predecessor, except to insolently infer that it was Divine Providence, “in His inscrutable wisdom,” who had deemed it to be opportune and auspicious to make Kwame Gonja the first postcolonial-born leader of the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Ghana.

Now, does such a moral reprobate and a reprehensible personality sound like one who is psychologically balanced enough to be allowed back into Jubilee House? I sincerely doubt it, My Dear Reader! Which is absolutely not in any way to suggest or imply that political and official accountability for one’s conduct of the people’s business is either not legally and/or morally relevant and important because it definitely is both relevant and important. You see, what Ghanaians need to have audited and accounted for, first and foremost, are the monies collected when a roundly defeated President Mahama decided to seditiously and treasonably establish a parallel COVID-19 Technical Team in a criminal bid to challenging both the credibility of a legitimately elected President Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the integrity of the 2020 Presidential election, in which Nana Akufo-Addo routed Kwame Gonja by more than a half-million – 500,000 – of the counted valid votes.

I have said this before and here again repeat the same, that Mr. Mahama would be much better off seeking prompt psychological counseling and psychiatric evaluation and treatment rather than making such a scandalous nuisance of himself. Any legitimate demand for accountability vis-à-vis the COVID-19 Pandemic Fund must come from Parliament, the overseer of executive performance, and not from a criminally payola-prone and behaviorally unwholesome politician like Kwame Gonja. You see, My Dear Reader, Mr. Mahama’s problem is that since he has been widely alleged, with some credibility, to have siphoned funds from such vital social-intervention programs as the Agyekum-Kufuor-established National Health Insurance Scheme to fund his 2016 Presidential-Reelection Campaign, he also has an inalienable right to also suppose that his much more mature, conscientious and patriotic successor is pretty much, like Kwame Gonja himself, hopelessly addicted to the same kleptocratic shenanigans. Shame on you, Kwame Gonja!

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By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., PhD

English Department, SUNY-Nassau

Garden City, New York

May 14, 2022

E-mail: [email protected]

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