19.05.2022 Feature Article

Reno Omokri, Fani Kayode Deceived IPOB, Igbo Youth, Now Works for Tambuwal. Atiku

Reno Omokri, Fani Kayode Deceived IPOB, Igbo Youth, Now Works for Tambuwal. Atiku
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Reno Omokri is working for Atiku, full time, and Tambuwal part time, after goading IPOB and Igbo Youth to take up arms against the state, the North and Muslims. He is scheeming to be in the campaign council of either of them, the manner Fani-Kayode is scheming for Yahaya Bello. There is nothing wrong with it, but the treachery and deceit is monumental.

Fani Kayode, his co deceiver, is working for Buhari and Yahaya Bello, after deceiving Igbo Youth on social media to hate everything Buhari, Everything Islam, Everything North.

I warned Igbo Youth in the controversial piece “ Fani Kayode’s Treachery, IPOB Naivety and Pantami Porridge’ that soon Reno Omokri and others will abandon them. I hope those silly things in IPOB have learnt their lessons.

The hatred Nnamdi KANU and IPOB spewed on northerners in the South East, including the insults, are with full support of these two men.

They deceived Igbo until they blew their chances at the presidency. Having used Ndigbo, they jumped ship, declared Igbo Presidency impossible

Rev Obinna Akukwe warned the confused, and misguided IPOB Commanders that one day, these emergency champions will sell them for mess of porridge. Immediately KANU was humiliated into DSS cell, they abandoned him.

Rev Obinna who is against IPOB mob mentality and hate speech, is part of efforts to seek soft landings for Kanu.

Its time Igbo chose their friends carefully. This is the admonition of Rev Obinna Akukwe,

(Obinna Akukwe, Columnist, Activist, [email protected] , facebook, twitter @obinnaakukwe}

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