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Could Ultra-Racist Whites Be More American than Anybody Else?

Could Ultra-Racist Whites Be More American than Anybody Else?
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In the nearly 40 years that I have been living right here in the United States of America, one thing that has become uncomfortably clear to me is the notion that, somehow, White Nationalists like the democratically elected and delectably and auspiciously deposed President Donald John Trump have superior rights and citizenship claims to erstwhile European-expansionist New World than bona fide American citizens like former President Barack Hussein Obama, whose maternal roots go much deeper than the pathologically petulant Mr. Trump whose ancestry only goes as far back as the 1870s, when most of what makes America the great mega-nation that it is today, in terms of its foundation and socioeconomic, cultural and technological development, had already been firmly established.

I have often wondered why the leadership of the contemporary Democratic Party (DP), that is, as the latter ideological establishment has existed over the course of the last half-century, or so, behaves like recent immigrants or migrants whose civic validation and validity appear to depend on the public or official charitable acceptance of the same by their counterparts among the vanguard ranks of the entitlement-drunken Republican Party (RP). I, of course, also recognize the fact that I may very well be simplifying matters far more than the practical reality on the ground may bear out or indicate. At any rate, if we are all of us, across political party lines and ideological suasions and proclivities, agreed on the forensically established fact that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin played a quite significant role in “influencing” the 2016 US Presidential Election to the illegitimate or illegal advantage of Mr. Trump, and to the seismically catastrophic disadvantage of Democratic Presidential Candidate Mrs. Hillary Clinton, then it indispensably goes without saying that when Ms. Karine Jean-Pierre, the newly appointed Biden Presidential Press-Secretary, declares in a tweet that the 2016 US Presidential Election had been stolen in favor of the patently undeserved winner by the Russian leader and his Government in the Kremlin, Ms. Jean-Pierre ought to be resoundingly congratulated for so boldly and fearlessly calling the 2016 US Presidential Election for the decided sham that it inescapably was and not be unwisely condemned (See “Jen Psaki Defends Successor’s ‘Stolen Election’ Tweets before Her Last Day as White House Press Secretary” The Wrap 5/13/22).

But even as the afore-referenced news report upon which this column is based clearly notes, the “stolen election” tweet attributed to Ms. Jean-Pierre, popularly known as “KJP,” was tweeted squarely within the most appropriate and relevant temporal context, that is, in 2016 when the evidence clearly indicated, according to several US Federal Intelligence Agencies, that, indeed, the Russians had cybernetically manipulated the outcome of that watershed year’s Presidential Election in favor of the candidate widely regarded as least qualified to accede to the presidency of putatively the most powerful nation on Earth. Now, revisiting this tweet and projecting it as a striking evidence of KJP’s partisan bias, and thus one that is indicative of her inability to perform at her new post as White House’s Press-Secretary, is nothing short of logical asininity of the most scandalous order.

For starters, political neutrality clearly does not appear to be smack among the main qualifications for the job of White House’s Press-Secretary, else no newly elected Chief Executive of State would name his own Press-Secretary by turn. Besides, in the nearly four decades that yours truly has been both a permanent resident and a citizen of the United States of America, practically everybody who was privileged to hold the prestigious title and post of Presidential Press-Secretary, or White House wag, was readily identifiable ideologically with the President who appointed that Press-Secretary and, in particular, the political party establishment to which the appointing President belonged. What is required of any holder of this job, as I have been able to personally observe, first-hand, from my media gleanings and research, is the fair and respectful treatment of all reporters and correspondents officially certified or accredited to work in the White House in his/her professional capacity, as established by long-standing tradition or protocol or whatever rules and regulations may pertain to the same. It is not necessarily at the beck and pleasure of any individual or particular President.

Not very long ago, for example, a vengeful President Trump attempted to ban and physically remove Cable News Network’s Mr. James “Jim” Acosta from the confines of the perimeters of the White House, because this Alt-Right Conservative Republican White Supremacist did not like Mr. Acosta’s perspectives as reflected in his reportage of events inside the Trump White House. The perpetrator of such wanton and downright barbaric and fascistic abuse of power was fiercely resisted and challenged in court and miserably lost, to the relief and approval of the many members of the general American public. It was quite clear that the wrong person had acceded to the highest seat of the most robust democratic political culture in the world, even if not necessarily the most urbane or civilized post of its kind. What was also crystal and eerily clear was the fact that Mr. Trump would literally have gotten away with murder, it he had acceded to the presidency in one of his so-called Shit-Hole Countries, largely Third World and non-European countries. It has often been observed that that which we disdain the most, almost invariably reflects that which we veritably and inescapably represent ourselves.

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By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., PhD

English Department, SUNY-Nassau

Garden City, New York

May 14, 2022

E-mail: [email protected]

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