When Depravity Holds Sway In Soccer

By Daily Guide
Editorial Ashgold players
MAY 18, 2022 LISTEN
Ashgold players

Now that the cat has been let out of the bag, the veracity of match-fixing in our soccer league is no longer a matter of hushed conversation shrouded in myth.

The extent of moral decay in this department of sports is clearly laid out and contextually so for public conversation and even condemnation by the trending story of what has befallen Ashgold.

When the scandalous expose about soccer management made an unenviable showing in the media a few years ago, some aspects of which are still in the courts, little did we know at the time that we had only witnessed the tip of a mammoth rot.

The Ashgold story is one which has put the country, not only soccer management, on the dark map of depravity unfortunately and it hurts. The copious fuss about the subject is not far-fetched.

Match-fixing is not a subject to be glossed over especially in competitive sports where integrity is high on the chart of moral attributes.

With betting now on the front-burner in the country, we have not seen the backside of this subject yet. More greedy persons would seek to outwit the existing parameters.

In our country, because we are not used to witnessing such integrity blemishes, the subject is hardly discussed. Now the coast is clear to watch out for such drawbacks.

Ashgold and their now crestfallen former President should express remorse to the country whose integrity has been punctured by their unenviable acts of commission.

Ghana has come very far in soccer league management and should not endure the fallout from an individual's greed. Oh no, how sad and despicable!

The expected discussions in the boardrooms of international football entities about the development have left us pensive and pained.

We do not deserve this at this time of our re-awakening after a long slumber in the international arena of soccer contests.

We are quick to point at the moral shortcomings of politicians with no attention riveted on other departments of human endeavour such as soccer, whose rot is just beginning to be noticeable.

The competitive nature of soccer and the monetary aspect of it make it even more vulnerable.

The days of the Republicans, Standfast and others, when players were not affluent and did not really aspire to be, their passion being fame and nothing else, are long gone. Today, it is about money, betting and with which come crookedness and corner-cutting.

We congratulate the Ghana Football Association's Disciplinary Committee for cracking the whip and decisively so.

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