Power has Shifted to The Northern Block: It is Time to contribute our quota to develop Ghana again

By Bukari Kuoru
Article Power has Shifted to The Northern Block: It is Time to contribute our quota to develop Ghana again
MAY 16, 2022 LISTEN

Power is seasonal. Its transient. It comes to those who plot and strategize for it or it comes to those who it naturally belongs, or it comes to those who take it by force. Either ways, power comes to you when it's your turn/time.

It's no secret that power is gradually shifting to the northern block and how its managed determines to a large extend the ability to not only vindicate this block as competent power holders and also better managers but as deserving as any other block in Ghana.

Its factual if not proven that apart from Dr. Nkrumah, the next best leader of Ghana is of Northern descent & its erroneous to think that they are only good at chewing cola and spitting it on the walls of the seat of government as ascribed to H.E Dr. Hillia Liman.

The current 2nd in command is from the Northern block, so is the 3rd in Command and the leader of the minority group of the legislative arm of government.

Apart from President Liman who spent only a few months as president, for the 3rd time in our History, The North produced president Mahama & for first time in the History of Ghana, there is possibly going to be two leaders from the Northern block leading the two major political parties (NDC & NPP) in Ghana contesting the highest seat of the country and one of them will be president.

This is a blessing worth appreciating that must be held fast. It's an opportunity to contribute to the building of Ghana; to show the northern dexterity, versatility & brilliance. Competence has proven not to be a problem already. We must decide how History will judge the contribution of the North to the development of Ghana.

TO let the Northern star shine or dull. Indeed, the future of this country to turn its fortunes around lies in the hands of the Northern block that will hold power. We must therefore be careful what we do with it.

For God & Country.

Bukari Kuoru.


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