Physically challenged man braces the odds at Zien

Social News Physically challenged man braces the odds at Zien
MAY 11, 2022 LISTEN

Disability they say is not an inability, Adam Abdul Kudus, a 25-year-old physical challenge man from Zien in the Nantong district of the Northern Region has defied all odds to venture into phone repairing which he now depends on for a living.

In an exclusive interview, Abdul Kudus told DGN Online that he was not born disabled and that he used to walk normal and even played football but he fell sick when he was growing up which resulted in him being crippled.

Narrating how he started repairing phones, he disclosed that he started with his friend’s phone when he could not find a good phone repairer to fix the mouthpiece problem which he opted to give it a try and ended up succeeding in fixing.

Abdul Kudus currently plies his phone trade in his living room which is a limitation to him because many people are not aware of his business.

He wishes to get a shop by the roadside to give his business some visibility.

He noted that acquiring some equipment will help enhance his business and earn him more income.

Abdul Kududs depends on a rickety old manual tricycle which requires assistance for his movement.

“ The challenge I am facing now is that when I want to buy some phone parts from the regional capital, Tamale, I would have to beg somebody to send him on a motorbike, and most often it's difficult to get someone who can transport you to Tamale and so getting my own motorbike( transformed motorbikes with three tyres) will help me a lot in terms of my movement.”

Abdul kudus believes when he is given the needed support, it would aid in expanding his business which would earn him a decent income as well as teaching other youth in the community to enable them also earn a living to support their families.

He encouraged other disabled persons in society to take advantage of their talents and activities instead of roaming around the streets begging.

The living conditions of persons with disabilities in Ghana is very challenging.

In Ghana's capital Accra and other major cities like Kumasi, disabled persons like Abdul Kudus rely on begging for financial support on the streets to survive.

Despite government's initiatives such as the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty(LEAP) program, disabled persons such as Abdul Kudus continue to wallow in poverty.

Majority of them are not even aware of the disability fund, let alone access it.

Madam Mariama Issahaku, the mother of Abdul Kudus told DGN Online that her son is weak and can not engage in any work which requires energy and physical strength.

“ I call on individuals, institutions, philanthropists to assist my son to get a shop and a motorbike which will empower him to expand his business and also teach other people how to repair phones and earn a living.”

---DGN online

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