11.05.2022 Opinion

What Is This Animal Called?

By Hackman Dabantib
What Is This Animal Called?
11.05.2022 LISTEN

Ever since I became politically conscious, I have never seen the Ghanaian people appreciate the efforts of their leaders, at least, not when they are still in power.

The disappointment always stems from broken promises to corruption and outright thievery in most of the cases, with no consequences whatsoever to the perpetrators( the case of the current clueless regime).

I have seen Rawlings, Kufuor, Mills and Mahama; and the story has been the same for all- Mediocrity, aimless drifting, corruption, impunity, poor economic management and hardship. These, the people said, were their sins. That was true!

Despite the ills, what you couldn't take away from any of those past regimes were genuine effort, respect for the governed, statesmanship, patriotism, candor, unity, tolerance etc. We saw roads, schools, hospitals, markets, stadia, and other infrastructural projects across the country. Yes, they made some real efforts, albeit too little in the eyes of the people.

What we have now, which some still regard as a government, is what I don't know what really it is. Apart from satisfying the constitutional imperative that dictates that we must have a president at any given time, does this country really need one, if what we see is what the presidency is all about?

Every other president that we have had in the past, has delivered between 10-30% (my estimation) relative to the expectations of the people. Too little, considering the resources we make available to them. But there was always an effort.

What about this one?....Clueless, poor strength of mind, thievery, corruption, poor economic management, hardship, dictatorship, insecurity, lack of candor, no school, no hospital, and the list goes on.......Waste of a presidential vacancy!

Maybe, it is just about time we took a second look at this scam well packaged and presented to us as democracy.

Peace be with you!


HY Dabantib

House D17,

Nakparikunkook- Bunkpurugu

[email protected]


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