11.05.2022 Opinion

The Starving Cow Taxation E-Levy: A Letter from Ancestry

By Kwaku Kristo
The Starving Cow Taxation E-Levy: A Letter from Ancestry
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Taxes are taken from income and income is derived from employment.

Direct and indirect taxes taken from the masses is a strategy that seeks to expand the net of taxation.

The politician in Ghana is not creating any new employment opportunities but seeking to expand the tax net when there is less employment in the system.

The politician is the only person exempted from the payments of these taxes from direct taxes and is given numerous allowances which is valued to sum up to pay about 50 people on part time basis.

The political taxation method is an overweighting mathematics which seem overwhelming from the reality its applications to the detriment of the masses.

Now the digitization and its E levy when Ghana can't boost of any national developed software with effective use even for the politician himself to track the monetary inventory inside toll booths.

We haven't been able to generate any national accounting strategy that shall check digital corruption in the public sector loots.

It Seems like the politician is lost in finding solutions and hence the application of the gel that shall make it easy to pull off the citizenry tooth.

Tax the income and not the transaction.

Mr politician work harder, for as your ladder gets higher it seems like your thinking is staying lazy.

Imagine a hustler in Techiman trying to pay medical bills of his mom and have to pay tax on his mother's medical bills?

Mr politician this is too bitter a pill.

But to you it may seem just a bill.

There isn't any room on government payroll to offer new employment opportunities, there isn't enough grass to feed the cow but why think of expansion on milking it?

Thy shall work harder to provide for the nation with abundance gold, timber, cocoa, bauxite, diamonds, cocoa, manganese etc and not kill your own cows like the famer who doesn't think of feeding his cows but milking them to live his luxury.

Expand the employment Creation in the country and stop the hefty taxation.

The Youth of this day can read and research than those of the olden days

Let this sink in and put in work Mr Politician.

Arise Ghana Youth for Your country

The Nation demands your devotion

Kwaku Kristo


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