Do The Ostensibly Ghanaian Pastors Who Support The E-Levy Realize That The NPP Government Has Stolen $335 Million In COVID Funds?

Feature Article Do The Ostensibly Ghanaian Pastors Who Support The E-Levy Realize That The NPP Government Has Stolen 335 Million In COVID Funds?
MAY 10, 2022 LISTEN

If you are a Ghanaian pastor, whether at a Methodist or Presbyterian church, and you can’t fight corruption in Ghana, yet you are quick to promote E-Levy, a fraudulent tax system planned to steal from ordinary Ghanaians, then you are a fool. I don’t regret saying this. You are a fool.

Because if you are truly a man of God and intelligent, you should know that one of the Ten Commandments is "Thou Shall Not Steal." Yet, the NPP government has stolen so much money that can’t be accounted for, one of the reasons Ghana is under heavy debt.

Yet, these so-called pastors couldn’t question the NPP government about the stolen money but rather promoted corruption and thievery in the government. If I may know, what kind of God do you worship?


The majority of Ghanaians have stopped E-Levy transactions because it's a fraudulent and illegal means to steal from the ordinary Ghanaians, the government couldn't provide jobs after five years in power.

If you are encouraging Ghanaians to pay more taxes to develop the country, that’s fine, but if you are not stupid, you should know that corruption has taken a very severe toll on the economy of the country, whereby its impact has created a high rate of unemployment.

Those defending pastors who promoted the implementation of the E-Levy are equally senseless as the pastors themselves. Because Ghanaians have been paying multiple taxes, let the pastors come out to tell Ghanaians what the previous taxes have been used for in the country.

According to the World Bank Director representing Ghana, Ghana was given $435 million to fight the coronavirus in the country, but the corrupt NPP government told Ghanaians the amount was $100 million. Why didn't the so-called pastors who know that stealing is not good, ask the government about it?

Instead, they are too strong, without any shame, to come out and speak against those who opposed the E-Levy.

Before any intelligent Ghanaian accuses anyone who doesn’t like to pay taxes, that person should first find out where the proceeds of taxes in Ghana go to. If the taxes didn’t go into individual accounts, Ghana would have been more developed.

That’s why I see the former Methodist Bishop Bosomtwe Ayensu and the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante, as political prostitutes. They are doing this for their own selfish interests.

Enjoy listening to the lies of Akufo Addo when he was looking for power

Which intelligent person or pastor, knowing perfectly well that the NPP government has incurred so much debt without accountability and also stolen money, including that provided by the World Bank to fight the coronavirus, would come out and support the implementation of E-Levy?

So if the E-Levy is chicken feed, Ghanaians should encourage or congratulate the NPP government for implementing it while the real threat, which is corruption, that has affected the whole country’s infrastructure, is ignored. Does this make you an intelligent or stupid pastor?

It is not the less or more paying of taxes in Ghana that has affected the development of the country. It is the massive corruption that continues to waste the country’s precious resources. So if you are an intelligent pastor and not a fake, tackle the corruption problems to save Ghana.

If you are a pastor and you think the payment of the E-Levy is good, be also wise to know that your efforts to fight corruption in the country are also good because that's what will develop the country more rapidly than the fraudulent E-Levy which the majority of Ghanaians aren't interested.

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