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US report on Ghana's free speech true — Security Analyst

US report on Ghana's free speech true — Security Analyst
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Mr Godson Bill Ocloo, a security analyst has disclosed that the report released by the US Department of State which cited Ghana for some number of human rights abuses is a true reflection of what is happening in the nation now.

According to Mr Ocloo, he sometimes disagrees with US reports but this particular report, everybody can boldly testify.

"l am not surprised Ghana dropped from 30th position to 60th on world press freedom rankings," he added.

He said there have been several assaults on media personnel in the country under the current NPP government.

Mr Ocloo continued that the attack on free speech, assault and killings, political interference among others, if not addressed sooner than later, will jeopardise the safety of citizens.

"Look at how social activist Kaka was killed, Caleb Kudah and his colleague Zoe Abu-Baidoo were manhandled by national security personnel? Do you think with such happenings, our press men and ordinary Ghanaians are safe? Am not safe likewise ordinary Ghanaian on the street," he fumes.

Mr Bill Ocloo in an exclusive interview with ModernGhana News added that the major cause of growing insecurity in the country is government's lack of interest to address the issue.

He added, "It beats my imagination to see a military and police officer shooting an ordinary citizen who carries no weapon."

He mentioned that nine civilians were killed during the 2020 general elections in various electoral areas, but nothing is being done about the issue and the perpetrators are walking free.

Mr Ocloo noted that many citizens have lost hope in the security agencies and it is up to government to wake up to the reality before the youth begins to take law into their own hands.

According to him, the recent arrested of some police personnel in connection to the bullion van robberies in the city further exacerbate the issue of insecurity in the country including other police-linked robberies on the country's highways.

"There is a video circulating on social media which shows a police personnel in uniform taking part in NPP constituency election, clearly tells you that, political interference is playing a lot in our security matters," he stated.

He advised journalists to stick to nothing but the truth and keep doing the good works devoid of political interference.

Evans Worlanyo Ameamu
Evans Worlanyo Ameamu

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