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11.11.2004 Feature Article

Deceitful Informaion And Insults Shouldn’t Be Used In Political Arenas.

Deceitful Informaion And Insults Shouldn’t Be Used In Political Arenas.
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Barely a month a go, I was reading an article from this website about a statement purported to have been made by Mr Wayo. …Quote” African leaders are idiots” I pondered over this for a while and decided to weigh the pros and the cons of this statement.

In fact, I don't really know why insults have flooded the political market of our countryside. I am not talking particularly about him or criticizing Mr. Wayo but why is that our politicians; journalist and other political stakeholders can't express their views and opinions without insulting each other. In my opinion political insults justifies political immaturity. This is never done in any part of the world. Hmm !, my fellow politicians, Nananom, are we setting examples for our young to follow or are we teaching our children how to add sore to the injury ?This is bringing nothing but disgrace and humiliation to each other. Mr. Wayo is not the only person caught in this trap but I guess his is the latest now.

In addition, there have been instances where harsh words have been used against each politician, which shouldn't be the case. Furthermore, some of the articles published are untrue. Why are we publishing misleading information to discredit our motherland and our leaders? These days it looks like rumors are all published on this website. I have been a popular writer to this site but of late deceitful information and insult are on the rampage. I would urge all writers to be watchful of the theme of the text that they are writing about because sometimes the implied meaning of some of the articles are not ok .

In conclusion, as the elections day slowly approaches, there might be numerous rallies that will be held around the nation but please, lets learn to mount the political platform without yelling insults nor manipulating facts and information .My fellow journalist, let us investigate information thoroughly before airing our political views and opinion. By Dennis Adjepong Alexandria VA Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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