“Come up with a better plan to industrialise Ghana”—CPP urges Government

CPP Come up with a better plan to industrialise Ghana—CPP urges Government
MAY 4, 2022 LISTEN

The Convention Peoples Party (CPP) has charged government of Ghana to come up with a better plan to industrialise the nation with the view to creating jobs for the teeming unemployed and underemployed youth in the country.

It said that Ghana deserved better, and all her citizenry deserved more from the government.

In a statement signed by the General Secretary, Nana Yaa Jantuah and copied to the Ghana News Agency to appreciate Ghanaian workers on the May Day celebration, the party asked the government to be accountable to Ghanaians in terms of the management of the nation's financial and natural resources.

The Convention Peoples Party commended the hardworking members of the Ghanaian Labour front for their contributions to the development of the nation.

“Our dear Comrades you have worked so hard, all these years with a lot of sacrifices to ensure that the wheels of growth do not come to a halt, your dedication is unsurpassable and your love for our dear Nation is unprecedented.

“Ghana is the best. Without your dedication and hard work this country would not have achieved its goals and agenda of making sure that this country is working to the benefit of all”, it said.

It also said that the CPP was proud to be associated with the labour front, as its biggest support base had been the working class in this country and through your support, the CPP chalked a lot of successes in the past.

It, however, said that the labour front deserved better, hence, there was the need to ensure that the government provided the needed amenities, incentives and commensurate remuneration that befits the effort and hard work being put in by Ghanaian workers.

“The Labour Front deserve better and there is the need to ensure that employers especially government provide the needed amenities, incentives and commensurate remuneration that befits the effort and hard work being put in by the Ghanaian worker”, the statement read.

It added that “it is time for all of us to come together to put our shoulders to the wheel and ensure that Ghana is delivered from the depth of deprivation and poverty”.

The Convention Peoples Party, therefore, expressed surprise that the NPP government chose May 1st, being a Workers' Day to implement what it described as the punitive tax system of E-Levy.

It added that the E-Levy was going to erode the financial gains of the already struggling workers of Ghana.

“This is the first time the CPP has encountered a tax system that goes after the savings of the citizenry, it is incongruous and unbelievable, and such a level of insensitivity by the government cannot be comprehended by the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) an unfortunate situation indeed”, it said.