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Corruption: crime against humanity

Corruption: crime against humanity
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Evidence in Ukraine is collected to start eventually an ICC court hearing against the involved parties in the ongoing war which kills military personnel as well as innocent civilians including rape cases and torture, crimes against humanity.

Large-scale corruption and serious mismanagement of a nation do not only affect nationals but the international community through caravans of economic and political migrants. To see the bullet of a foreign soldier in the back of an innocent civilian or the local woman delivering the child of that soldier after getting raped by him is a clear and visible crime against humanity.

Corruption and serious mismanagement of a nation kill people by hunger and social violence over time and migration to foreign lands leaving their families behind. In the past, this issue was not seen on the same level and scale as obviously traces of killing and torture. It was and is believed these are political issues each nation must tackle internally by voting for the right people and using national laws and the local justice system to end and punish such leaders.

As long as the problem stays local and is appropriately addressed by a nation and solved it can be seen as a matter of a nation solving for the good. When it becomes a problem for the rest of the world by economic and political migration seeing people drown in the Mediterranean Sea or die on the route to the Sea -more Ghanaian migrants get killed in Burkina Faso and other countries on the route to Libya by people that robbing them of the cash they carry on them- than in the Sea.

Corruption is often seen as part of the process of development of a nation. As much as examples can be stated to support this theory many examples of the opposite in history can be mentioned. It comes down to the issue of leadership, the elite of a nation, and the mentality of the people of the nation regardless of the wealth generated. Singapore can be declared corruption-free while India faces vast levels of corruption and administrative inefficiency.

In such cases which are on the rise corruption and national mismanagement become a clear issue of crime against humanity and must be dealt with in the ICC.

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