23.04.2022 Feature Article

IS GHANA POOR? The Concept of LTN-Love Thy Neighbor

IS GHANA POOR? The Concept of LTN-Love Thy Neighbor
23.04.2022 LISTEN

In Nana Akufo Addo’s government era will anybody admit we are behind and even learn something new? No way!

Nana Akufo Addo himself as President recognized and noted for the record that

“Oman yi nnyɛ ohia man”- (Ghana is not a poor nation). You just have to enter Ghana today and see we are not poor!

On the other hand I think he is also fully aware the wealth and real properties are all owned by the family members and friends, including MPs, and if he insists on taxing them his political goodwill may be sacrificed? The President’s own nephew Ken Ofori Atta - the Minister of Finance, is known here to own several of the high-rise buildings. There is no conflict-of-interest laws in Ghana! Amazing!!

My observations based on more than 46 years of study and home ownership in 4 states in the USA convinces me this: There is no reason anybody in Ghana should talk about the nation being poor and be borrowing money! No!

The theory behind so much borrowing seems to suggest the moneys are borrowed to be stolen by the few. It seems an irony the black man still does not seem to think of the human organization he lives in as “his own” or as part of him and his forebears! Else how can anybody be borrowing so much instead of everybody contributing small for us to build our roads, underground sewage systems, and provide clean sidewalks for all to enjoy. These people see all these when they travel outside for their medical care and to hide some of their moneys!

Is it a “spiritual curse of backwardness”- the core definition of “Human development “?

In other words, the human concept of “Loving thy neighbor as thyself”, as one Holy man from Galilee once defined for mankind, becomes the core understanding of humanity. That concept and train of humanity seems to have left us behind!

From East Legon, Ghana.

Dr. Kwaku A. Danso- Apr.23, 2022