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01.10.2004 Feature Article

In Ghana, Facts Are Distorted

In Ghana, Facts Are Distorted
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Sometime ago, it was reported that, President KUFOUR, as secretary of the Kumasi City Council, made derogatory remarks about northners. He said that, Kumasi was not seeing peace, because of influx of northners, who he described as THIEVES and ARMED ROBBERS.

This statement from Kufour, I know was made in 1968, when a FANTE commercial Bank Manager, was burnt alive in his car with his files. Why with his FILES? ASHANTI thieves and Businessmen the time: Yaw Frimpong(YF), FD Nsiah, Kyei, Barfour Akoto, Osei Kufour, Owusu Transport and many others, hired NORTHNERS, who have been used in all negative episodes in our political dispensation to carry out this plan. Kufour knew that and the Agyemang Prempeh the time knew that, but who did they blame? MPEPEFO. These were the RICHMEN in Kumasi JOE APPIAH hated, but he was alone in that struggle and feared for his life.

In our political struggle far back in the mid 50´s, a lawyer called KWABENA KESE made a factual revelation against Barfour Akoto and his gang of dibolical elements in the UP(Matemeho Group) now NPP. When the UP saw that Nkrumah was gaining grounds in some parts of Ashanti Region, Barfour Akoto and his men called a meeting and instructed that, school children in Kumasi should be abducted and killed to put fear in parents that CPP was not good and that under that leadership, their children were not safe. Lawyer Kwabena Kese asked the gathering, the plans to safeguard their own children. He was told always to write his name and put his own picture in his children´s school bag. This arrangement, not going well with Lawyer Kwabena Kese, after the meeting, went straight to the CPP Office, which was very close to the UP Office and broke the news to them and told them, from that day he was joining them to work for OSAGYEFO DR. KWAME NKRUMAH. But the CPP hat doubts about his loyalty, so he gave out his storey building to be used as an office and asked them to move away from the MURDERERS -the UP.So tell me Ghanaians.Who do you think were killing Ghanaian women in the year 2000? You do not have thinkers and political analyists in Ghana and above all genuine HISTORIANS, else, Diawuo Kufour will not come to you again for votes.Kufour and his clan made up of UP, PP, PFP, and NPP are MURDERERS.

Come to think of the DAGBON massacre. This happened with Busia in 1969 and it showed its ugly face again in 2002. Who will not make it a CAMPAIGN ISSUE? If it were to be a topic to be used by AGYEMAN DUA from the AG´s Department, will KOFI DIAWUO spare anyone?

Come on Ghana, open your EYES and EARS and never make a mistake to vote for that ASHANTI SUPREMACY. In that same 1969, the pioneer science class from Cape Coast University,suffered a humiliation from the Diawuo clan. None of these young teachers, till today have forgotten what befell them. Today, KOFI DIAWUO KUFOUR is an honourary Doctorate Degree holder from Kwame Nkrumah´s Cape Coast, thanks to the bootlicking attitude of its vice chancellor. Ghanaians always be ready to ask and you will know more.

Has it surprised you that Kwasi Agyemang has crossed over to the NPP? Never be surprised? We have told you more often than not that, Npp is an ASHANTI Party. Now you know. Major(rtd) Cobbinah lost the ascendency to the throne to Opoku Ware II in 1970, because he was a CPP member. The same way Kwasi Agyemang lost to Kwaku Duah, the thief, turned OSEI TUTU II, because he was in the NDC.

Kwahus made a mistake of not understanding Hon. Kwaku Baah. Kwaku was becoming popular and the ASHANTI trick of clearing the way for 1983 Elections, made them to ask Kwaku to vacate the post to Odoi-Sykes they could manupulate easily come the Presidential candidate of the party. Kwahu was not fast and the Ashanti Supremacy worked. Today, I gnash my teeth with Kwaku that Kwahu and for that matter Ghana has not seen ASHANTIS--They are Cheats.

1976, 2002 Exam malpractices, all happened in Ashanti Region. Late 80´s and early 90´s, people with fake certificates in foreign Universities were all ASHANTIS. Today, cocaine dealers dying in Holland, are all friends of A***** A***. Yesterday, one who left Nana 2 weeks ago was burried. The thing ESCOBAR of KIBI gave him bursted. You haven´t seen anything yet.

Ghanaians as you go to the pools, remember Nkrumah, Bernasko and Rawlings and ask yourself why under NPP contractors out number all other businesses. Ask yourself why punches and slaps have been the criteria of promoting our army officers. Ask yourself, if it is worthwhile voting for NPP, when Dan Botwe has 3 Houses in 3 years. They are going to rig the elections, but remember Nkrumah defeated the might of GREAT BRITAIN in 1956 and with hard work, courage and determination, you will defeat the Ashanti supremacy--INSHA ALLAH-YA NA will not die in vain and long live GHANA Alhaji SULLEY SADIQ Islamic Conference - London Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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