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30.09.2004 Feature Article

NDC must act on Mumuni, very fast!

NDC must act on Mumuni, very fast!
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One immutable fact facing the NDC after the Mumuni accident is that Alhaji Mumuni would no longer be able to effectively perform his duties as the running mate to Prof Mills. That being the case, the NDC must announce a decision soon, perhaps by week¹s end, how it proposes to deal with the situation. For its own sake,to assure its supporters, and to calm a nation.

A cold practical decision would be for the NDC to decide to nominate a new person to partner Mills. If the NDC decides to follow this course of action, it has 2 weeks to do so - since the deadline for filing nominations with the EC is likely to be mid October. This course of action has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage would be one of decisive leadership dealing promptly and realistically with a practical problem. The disadvantages are many. Consensus leadership which has become the hallmark of Prof Mills would indicate time consuming consultations that would take way from campaign efforts and revive anxieties. Not to mention the perception of insensitivity toward the current running mate on his sickbed.

The alternative is to to get a stand in for Mumuni. The stand in must be either another party functionary or a family member who can articulate well on behalf of Mumuni. Given a most optimistic scenario, Mumuni should be at a stage of recovery to to be physically present in the last two weeks of the campaign while his chosen stand in speaks on his behalf.

This latter alternative would not completely restore the effectiveness and advantage of the Mumuni partnership of Prof Mills but represents the best that can be salvaged from the difficulty the NDC suddenly faces. And a prompt announcement would restore somewhat the momentum generated ironically by the selection of Mumuni, and the weekend¹s successful NDC campaign launch.

Several issues have arisen out of the Mumuni car accident. I suspect everyone is in shock. When one is in shock, one never thinks clearly. And this observation is the one that comes naturally to anyone reading the many commentaries on the Mumuni accident to date. For that reason it is prudent to wait till everyone settles down before canvassing the many issues arising out of the accident. For now however I deal with two things.

I have read several articles in which it was reported that a good Samaritan pulled out Mumuni from his car. YOU DON'T PULL OUT OF A CAR A PERSON WHO HAS BROKEN A LIMB. And if in the process you add to the injury, a good Samaritan would not be appropriate description of your efforts. This raises the issue of how orgainzed and efficient we are at handling car accident victims. The thought of the manner in which the good Samaritan had to rely on taxis rather than the Police or other State instrumentality churns the stomach.

Then there is the issue of security. It is a bit rich to assign negligence to political parties for not providing security to public figures. It is the sole duty of Government and State security. Otherwise you would have opposition parties arranging vigilantes and thugs to enforce the law outside the Law. I learn the Government has woke up to this responsibility and might be announcing initiatives soon. It remains to be seen whether Opposition suspicion of State security would permit some meaningful arrangements in the 70 days to the elections. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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