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Why Africans Should Build Sun Saunas for Health and Beauty?

Why Africans Should Build Sun Saunas for Health and Beauty?
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Despite our marvellous sun, many Africans do not sweat for years, especially women between thirty to hundred years. When was the last time you sweat and ask your older family members? Sweating is linked to many health benefits, including better sleep and nicer skin. There are basically three ways humans sweat, but the one we will focus on more is environmental heating. Cold countries spent a fortune to get saunas, but Africa can build year round environment friendly Saunas, using glass houses and the sun. Preferably, Government should help build such in every district as example and urge business folks to replicate it in every village. However, we should not wait for government on our precious health. Business folks, NGOs, Village Development Committees (VDCs), even individuals should have commercial and private Saunas.

Enough exercise to sweat may be the best, but some patients or many seventy+ year olds may not be able to exercise to the level of sweating. So you should urge them to exercise on what they can, but find other means to help them sweat, at least weekly. A well built sauna with reasonable air circulation and enough space for yoga will help many folks. Within five minutes, you can get them to start sweating and it will motivate them to start moving. Some may run (stop) within ten minutes with limited benefit, but studying those who sweat for over thirty minutes can build the ideal recommendation, and gradual building of poor starters. Of course, you will have water bottles and towel for each.

Sex is another miraculous means to sweat for some people. Although sex is a physical activity, it is in many ways very mild physical activity to activate sweating. Some people will sweat within a minute of sex, and may still have hours of sex, still sweating. Fans and ACs will bar some the blessing. Also Not everyone is build that way, so you should help others and those who cannot access sex. Many of the seventy year olds no longer have sexual partners and too weak to exercise to the level of sweating.

Clearing enough space, and choosing an ideal location, you can have a highly functional sauna from 11am to 6pm in many parts of Africa. The glass house with glass roof will not just give vitamin D, but it can be a meeting place to motivate the lazy or reluctant. Results will be the best peer pressure, so you must have recommendations and verifiable benefits. Check your sleep quality after starting regular sun sauna, see your skin getting smoother and more beautiful. Smooth skin for yourself and partner is an easy sell, and may help reduce bleaching.

If you are too poor to build a glass house, then consider using a vehicle under the hot sun, open just a tiny bit of the two windows for fresh air, take along a water bottle and towel. I have been using this method for years now and it greatly helped me. The problem with this method is a vehicle hardly have enough space to do meaningful exercises in. Also the plastic may emit harmful substances. I believe the evident benefits far outweigh the possible harm. So I will do it until I can afford an ideal glass house.

Preventive health centres are needed in Africa. They can include lot more than Saunas, but a sun Sauna, enclosed sun hot yoga, is lot less to build. Consider having a private one in your next compound, but urge your health ministers and concerned folks to help people sweat. Our hotels should build them to woo and serve more tourists. Our doctors are quick to recommend walking, but the truth is most people hardly sweat through walking. After even ten minutes in a sun sauna, your muscles and blood may warm up enough for you to have longer walk, run, yoga, etc. Help yourself, your family and others for possible higher help. Don't just wish your mama or grandma well, help them sweat again and it can be fun, gradually. May God bless Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga kebba Gigo

An activist and Transformer

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