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Noise, Open Spaces And Open Letter To Minister On Sustainable Green Solution For Accra's Children's Park

By Awula Serwah
Noise, Open Spaces And Open Letter To Minister On Sustainable Green Solution For Accra's Children's Park
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Ghana should cherish its beautiful green spaces. Recognising the value of our Green Heritage is the first step in creating a sustainable Eco-Tourism industry. An example is the Royal Senchi Hotel. It is a green, beautifully landscaped, tranquil space with Lake Volta providing a lovely touch.

Unfortunately, the tranquility, which is one of the assets of the facility, is sometimes marred by a neighbouring club blaring loud music. Noise pollution rears its ugly head in too many places. The authorities are letting us down by not enforcing noise laws.

No one should inflict their noise on others. Noise should not go beyond the confines of one's premises. In addition, the Criminal Offences Act, Act 29 clearly states that there should be no noise between 8pm and 6am. The onus is on noise makers to prove that permission has been obtained to make noise.

Too many people are suffering in silence because of noise pollution. Enough is enough. Last week, Eco-Conscious Citizens marked the second 6th April Day of Action Against Noise Pollution Initiative.

The Initiative seeks to:

a) raise awareness of the fact that noise making is a criminal offence,

b) encourage the relevant authorities, that is the Metropolitan, Municipal,

and District Assemblies (MMDAs), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Police who all have a responsibility to enforce noise laws and bye-laws, to do their job and enforce noise laws.

Speaking about green spaces, the Efua Sutherland Children's Park in Accra should be rehabilitated as a matter of urgency. Eco-Conscious Citizens are pleased to hear that contrary to recent rumours, the Park has not been sold and that there are proposals for rehabilitating the Park. We urge the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, which has oversight over the Park, to inform the public about the process to select a proposal from those it has received.

Eco-Conscious Citizens have seen an exciting, green sustainable proposal from La Villa Boutique, an establishment with enviable green credentials. Our monthly Zoom meeting in March was treated to a presentation, which walked us through the proposal, and the audience had the opportunity to ask questions. This included how such a Public Private Partnership venture could square up with maintaining a free, green-focused children's park.

We were impressed with both the proposal and answers, and are therefore publishing this open letter in the hope that the Ministry will share the process for choosing the best proposal from all the ideas submitted. Transparency will ensure that the best solution is selected. The Children's Park bearing the name of an illustrious daughter of Ghana should be rehabilitated in the shortest possible time and operated as a sustainable venture.

27th April is International Noise Awareness Day. Eco-Conscious Citizens will be building on the 6th April Day of Action, by raising awareness of the impact of Noise Pollution and the need to enforce noise laws. We will also highlight the importance of our green spaces to our well-being.

Hon. Sarah Adwoa Safo, Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection:

We thank your Ministry for confirming that Efua Sutherland Park has not been sold and that it has received proposals for the development of the Park.

We urge you to share the process through which you will decide which proposal you will take forward. Openness and transparency are important ingredients to ensure support from the citizenry.

Eco-Conscious Citizens have seen an exciting, green and sustainable proposal by La Villa Boutique, an establishment with proven green credentials that ticks all the boxes. It will provide a well maintained, beautiful Children's Park with play and learning opportunities.

The plans include a hi-tech Library and a Training Suite to improve the employment prospects of the marginalised. The revitalised Park will nurture love, appreciation and importance of green spaces. The provision of beautiful grounds and employment opportunities for disabled and other disadvantaged persons will make the Efua Sutherland Park a jewel in Ghana’s crown. A small portion of the Park will be used as part of the green economy to generate income in a sustainable manner to maintain the Park.

It is important that the Park is a beautiful, well-maintained place that honours an illustrious daughter of Ghana. Eco-Conscious Citizens support innovation and sustainable development. We hope the Ministry makes a decision soon in a transparent manner. I am sure you appreciate that we would like to see the Park rehabilitated with a sustainable programme to maintain it in the shortest possible time frame.

We look forward to hearing the response from your Ministry soon.

Awula Serwah

Eco-Conscious Citizens

[email protected]


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