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NDC: Please, Not This Time.

NDC: Please, Not This Time.
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In reaction to the cited article, posted on Ghanaweb,, the NDC has no moral right to discuss this issue regarding Ghana Airways. Much of the decline existed during the NDC era, as we the customers have experienced nothing different from then till now, but most importantly this is not a political issue. It has serious economic bearing on the nation, but politics should come out of it.

It is unfair to even use this issue as a platform to score political points. Let us not cloud the issues. Let us offer the society clear solutions to their everyday problems in an honest way.

This is another cheap shot, which the NDC seems not to be able to contain. Look for substantial issues in our society and discuss it with the electorate. Also just be honest in always informing the masses that in some cases, current problems stem from your era. The situation or circumstances have either declined or have been improved upon by the current government and this must be made clear to the people.

The NPP as a party needs a sharp NDC to make life for all Ghanaians better. So all well meaning citizens must seek for the prosperity of the NDC, whether they belong or not. However, it is not a quality of strength to be a constant "opportunistic" political entity, jumping on cheap thrills such as the Ghana airways saga, when you know very well that the organization was fraught with problems when you had the charge.

Ghanaians are looking for an NDC that is original with ideas, innovative and fresh with solutions for the problems that as a nation we have. The electorate wants to know how you will take them to your "promised land."

Your manifesto and the "dream" you have for us needs to be discussed. Spell it out, get the roadmap out and let us see it. Let us agree or disagree, but please spare us the cheap shots.

Eventually, if this practice of cheap shots is not contained, your trademark will be a "barking dog" with no bite. You bark at every shadow, be it real or not, and that is not healthy. Guess what will happen when people see through this. The people may dismiss true concerns, coming from you, and this in reality, would be your political contribution to our society and your fellow countrymen: A politically cynical electorate.

Let us stop playing childish politics and get on the serious debates on issues at hand. As it has been said, one can contribute to a stronger Ghana, whether your party is in power or not. As a political party, seeking to have the mandate to rule, your message must be consistent, and so must be your political "attitude." You must be predictable and stop the cheap thrills you offer.

Having been in power, and having the inside scoop of the airline, why not shed some light on what happened in your years that are so different from what is happening now.

Also tell us how you would reshape this airline to minimize the negative financial effect that it will have on the economy at large, at least in some areas, such as tourism. Go the extra mile and discuss how you would resolve this issue once and for all and continue to grow tourism along the lines of a more holistic approach, because we all agree that the potential is there for us to grow the sector.

Now for those employees at Ghana Airways, your future is bleak. Ask the potential flag bearer of the NDC, and the party to deal with this legitimate local issue. How would a new NDC administration create new opportunities for you, because the reality is that the name brand, Ghana Airways, is a dead brand. It will take years to restore its glory (if there was such a thing) and from a true business sense, re-branding may be the better option. All people who make a living in the tourism sector or travel sector must seek the position of both parties on this issue. This is what we mean by parties having specific answers to local concerns. Demand what issues are your priority as an electorate, and not the other way around.

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