04.04.2022 Poem

Dear Aspiring Politician

By Christian Foli
Dear Aspiring Politician
04.04.2022 LISTEN

Your charisma is outstanding beyond expression

Anyone who does not notice your charming vibrancy

Must have lost the function of their eyes

To say you have a bright future

Will be a gross understatement

So when you get to the top

Which you will, by all means

When you get to the top, I pray,

May you not be a clone of one of those at whom

You now raise your youthful voice of defiance

To accuse of corruption and bad governance

May you not be like our many brothers and sisters

Who stepped on our backs to rise to great heights

But are now deaf to our plights when we cry

When you get to the top, eat your share of the nation’s cake

The cake baked with our sweat and blood and tears

Eat to your fill

But eat with your mouth, I pray you, not with your ears

Lest you become deaf to our cries too