04.04.2022 Poem

I Have To Break You To Fix Me

04.04.2022 LISTEN
By Rutendo Mtisi

Dear you,

I miss seeing you,

I am helpless ,

I might not be what you expected

Or what your class requires but I have self-respect

This is the same self-respect you never wanted to consider ,

You should have told me .

That you wanted class ,

You should have told me that I am just not the type,

I have got no perfect clothes ,

Perfect face ,

Of perfect background ,

 But one thing is for sure I had a heart ,

Which you conquered and destroyed,

I was deceived by you

What you wanted was there ,

Right I front of me ,

But still you lied to me ,

And gave me false hope,

You just had to say it in my face,

I would have understood .

Shame on you ,

You were never honest even to yourself any way ,

You couldn’t destroy my heart either ,

I fixed it and I have it with me ,

But still I will remember ,

Your injustice  .

Oh how I pray that one day you will realize ,

What you lost ,

But I wot be holding on by then .