04.04.2022 Feature Article

If Passing E-Levy Will Send Osono To Opposition, Why Is Zu-za Not Happy?

If Passing E-Levy Will Send Osono To Opposition, Why Is Zu-za Not Happy?
04.04.2022 LISTEN

At long last, the E-Levy bill has been passed and our dear country will have a reliable source of funding for road construction and start-up businesses. We should all be singing the “hurray” chorus, shouldn’t we?

Unfortunately, only few of us are chorusing “hurray”. A chunk of our compatriots are grumbling and buzzing like bees because of the few cowries they will sacrifice for the benefit of their nation. Many others are not happy for political purposes. Indeed, they are sad because the benefits to be gained from E-Levy will better the chances of their political opponents and make theirs gloomier.

If you would recall, the proposed E-Levy was opposed and denigrated because the propagandists under the eagle-headed Umbrella had succeeded in hoodwinking a chunk of the populace into believing that the new tax regime was not in their best interest. The mischievous tales were swallowed hook, line and sinker because the recipients of the tales were not ready to part away with anything from the meagre cowries in their electronic wallets.

I’m sometimes amazed at the contradictory nature of my compatriots. We, as a people, demand to have all the fine things life has to offer, yet are unwilling to make little sacrifice to make those demands see the light of day. Simply put, we want everything given to us on a platter of gold.

Is it not intriguing that soon after chorusing, “Scrap the E-Levy,” the same bunch starts singing, “We need roads, schools, hospitals etc?” Such blatant contradictions from my kith and kin make me wonder if they are really thoughtful and sincere.

As for those standing under the eagle-headed Umbrella, the least said about them, the better. Does their position on the passage of the E-Levy bill into act not defy logic? According to John Jinapor, the passage of the E-Levy is an automatic passport for the NPP to exit power in 2025. Same discordant tune is being sung by many under the Umbrella.

If they believed in their warped logic, then why would there be a fierce resistance to the passage of the E-Levy bill into an act? And why the desperate run to the Supreme Court to ensure the E-Levy Act is declared unlawful by the Supreme Court? Per their illogical reasoning, their resistance to the E-Levy would rather save the Nana Dee government the wahala of losing power in the 2024 polls.

Truth be told, the Zu-za folks are vehemently opposing the passage of E-Levy because they know it is likely to rake in substantial amount of cowries that can help improve the country’s road infrastructure. And they know too well the efficient use of the funds may decrease the chances of the Dead-Goat resurrecting.

It is, however, refreshing to know that my compatriots have finally seen the true colours of Zu-za in this matter. It is now clear to all that Zu-za are only using Kwaku Ananse antics to gain political points. I’m excited that many have seen their diabolic machinations.

While we await the Supreme Court ruling on the legality or otherwise of the E-Levy Act, one thing is certain: A very vitriolic tongue-lashing awaits the Supreme Court judges if Zu-za’s illogical logic does not receive a favourable response.

Hmm, it is very disheartening and nauseating dealing with such nation-wreckers parading as Patriots. My heart bleeds for Asomdwekrom!

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!

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