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Births and Deaths registry digitized; no more 'football age' in Ghana — Akufo-Addo

Births and Deaths registry digitized; no more 'football age' in Ghana — Akufo-Addo
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The President of the Republic of Ghana has announced that the Births and Deaths Registry is now digitized.

He said the move will support efforts to ensure that all children born in the country are registered and the date registered at birth maintained throughout the person’s life.

According to the President, the digitalization of the Births and Deaths Registry will allow government to once and for all get rid of what he described as 'school age', 'football age' and 'SNNIT age.'

Delivering the State of Nation Address before the House he stated, “The operations of the Births and Deaths Registry are finally being digitized to make sure that documents issued from that department are accorded the respect they should have.

“Every child born in this country will be registered, and the date of birth registered will remain your date of birth throughout your life. There will be no school age, no football age, no SNNIT age and no official age.”

He asserted that “today, we all have addresses at which we can be identified, even if we live, unfortunately for the time being, in a kiosk. And when we die, that inevitable rite of passage will be recorded to mark the end of our life.”

The President noted that data used for the National Health Insurance (NHIS) registrations same will be used for driving licenses, passports and tax identifications.

Vanessa Calys-Tagoe
Vanessa Calys-Tagoe

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