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Ghana Would Be Another Developing Country, Not....

Ghana Would Be Another Developing Country, Not....
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.... ANOTHER LIBERIA I was shocked when I read from Dr. Josiah Arye a lecture in Law at University of Ghana a noted in an interview with The Heritage at the Party's headquarters in Accra that the genesis of war in West Africa and elsewhere in Africa stems from disputed election results. He therefore called for fairness to all competing parties in the electoral process.

First, I want to ask him which people made references to the genesis of war across West Africa and elsewhere in Africa… disputed election results tend to trigger conflict. Africans are sick and tired for War. It is a time for us to think and stop using our natural resources to exchange for ammunition for war rather to use it for developments. As Mrs. Eva Jolly, a Norwegian judge in France said there is no bank in the world that gets profit than Ammunition Industry. Where do they sell their ammunitions? Why can't we also build Ammunition industry in Africa and sell our product for developments.

Why should we invite foreign inspectors to supervise our elections? Are we independent or still in colonial rule? Does Americans or Europeans invite Africans to be supervising when they are voting? Having we forgetting that before President George Bush came to power they counted their ballots for many times without WAR.

Dr. Arye made mentioned of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast. Before the war in Sierra Leone the country was not like today. When there was a War in Sierra Leone where did they capture? They captured Kono where they produced diamond and gold to exchange for ammunition for war. What was the result? Now Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world. What happened to Congo, Mozambique, Eritrea, and Ethiopia etc. etc. Africa is rich with our national resources but still we go to outside world to beg for Money. When there is a WAR who looses and who gains?

The Secretary-General of United Nations, Mr Kofi Annan, addressed African Union in Addis Ababa some few days ago, he stated that Africa needs a more convincing action from developed countries to support the continent in its effort to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), which, among other things, requires African leaders to reduce poverty by half, by 2015.

He said developed countries needed to phase out harmful trade practices, provide technical assistance and increase the volume of aid and investment in agriculture in Africa.

"Let us generate a uniquely African green revolution- a revolution that is long overdue, a revolution that will help the continent in its quest for dignity and peace," he stated.

"And let us never again allow hunger, needless hunger, to ravage lives and the future of a continent.

And now a lecture in law at University is lecturing about war if we are not careful of fair election. Is it a convincing action from a lecture to developed countries to support the continent? One thing we should borne in mind is that, not only Ghanaians which check Ghana website it is public use. How can an investor invest in Ghana if they read such comments from a lecture at the University?

Have we forgetting that the only agenda that the opposition did not oppose was giving a car loan to the ministers.

Nobody believe politicians they are just actors. They have been demonstrations against politicians in the western world but there is no war. The masses and the diplomats do not preach for war.

I am an African and I pray for peace for Great Africa. Samuel Sawyer (Norway) Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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