Large scale consumption of cowhide threatens leather business - Craftsman

By Isaac Newton II Contributor
Social News Large scale consumption of cowhide threatens leather business - Craftsman
MAR 23, 2022 LISTEN

Large scale consumption of Cowhide “Wele” threatens leather business which is likely to affect the country’s ability to export leather products Mr. Christopher Anaba Atogerege a local craft man base in Tema Community one has revealed.

“As a result of the great appetite for cowhide which is used in the preparation of soup or stew at homes, schools, restaurants, and a number of food joints. A lot of people prefer their ‘waakye’ ‘Ghanaian dish made with rice, beans and millet leaves’ with wele,” Mr. Atogerege stated.

He explained that as the demand moves higher the price also increases which is affecting the leather business.

In an exclusive interview with Communication for Development and Advocacy Consult (CDA Consult) in Tema, Mr. Atogerege revealed that prices of leather derived from cowhide have gone up over the years due to the high demand for its consumption.

According to Mr. Atogerege, butchers at the various abattoir prefer to sell the cowhide to the public for their local food preparation instead of selling such products to craftsmen for the production of leather products.


He claimed that some foreign nationals in the country are also exporting the cowhide abroad adding that they would use the leather to produce products to be sold back in the country and other parts of the world at a higher price.

He also appealed to Ghanaians to patronize locally manufactured products, especially during the month of March which has been designated as “Heritage Month”.

He added that Ghanaians must at all times settle for localized products so as to boost the economic prospects of the country adding that locally made products last longer than others from different continents.

Mr. Atogerege mentioned that Ghana needed to regain its pride by making good use of its local resources to create wealth for its people.

The local craftsman who is a native of Dologo in the Upper East Region of Ghana has been in the leather accessories business for over 22 years.

He deals in leather products such as cutlass or knives covered with leather, bags, sandals, bow, and arrows, amongst others.

Source: CDA Consult