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The NPP and Dagbon's Problems- A Rejoinder

The NPP and Dagbon's Problems- A Rejoinder
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I read the article referenced above which appeared on Ghanaweb on 27th June 2004 and wish to make a rejoinder. The issues raised by Dr. Amin about The Dagbon crisis are very important and need to considered if we really need peace to prevail in Dagbon state.

It is unfortunate that NPP government has decided to make the burial of the late Yana its preoccupation instead of living that to the good people of Dagbon to handle.What the government ought to do is to be able to deal with the criminal aspect of the case by looking for the perpetrators of the heinous crime and bring them to justice.There is no denying the fact that peace needs to prevail for any meaningful socio-economic development to go on in dagbon but it is equally of superlative importance for us to recognise the fact that there can be no genuine peace without justice.The NPP government will only be postponing future confrontations between the Andanis and the Abudus if it rushes into burrying the late Yana without looking for the criminals.The government should stop politicising the issue and address it with objectivity. Will President Kufuor had handled the situation like this if it were the Asantehene murdered in such a gruesome manner?

Honestly, some of us are not surprise at all about these developmentsbecause even during the three days attack on the late Yana's palace, the security personnel at Yendi became a party to the conflict ( apparently fighting for the Abudus) rather than serving as a buffer between the combatants.When the so-called Wuaku commission was formed, honest people squandered precious time to go there and give credible evidences but these were not taken because the members of the commission ( a clique of riffraff) already made up their minds to dance to the tune of the NPP government and the Abudus.

Whatever agenda the government may have regarding the crisis in Dagbon, it is important for it to do the right thing now so as to prevent future confrontations. Lets remember that a stitch in time saves nine. Baba Jato (Yendi) Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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