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06.07.2004 Feature Article

The time is far spent - KUFUOR must GO

The time is far spent - KUFUOR must GO
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´Time and Tide wait for no man´.

Our precious time has not been spent on anything useful, but from today, I am calling on all and sundry, especially pliticians, chiefs, pastors and imams to show remorse from today, for the ECONOMIC CRIMES they have committed against Ghana. These group of people I have mentioned, are the cause of our woes. We can continue to build schools, take loans, pray to God as many times as we can, if we do not call it quits from these acts from today, I predict chaos will take over Ghana.

Mr Rawlings came to the scene to relieve us of our problems as a nation and set the tone for development, but his government was hijacked by his advisers with a hidden agenda-corruption. One could compare his reign to that of today to say, he played his part. I could from this draw a conclusion that, something is going on wrong in Ghana. On this order,one could give honour to the following: Nkrumah, Rawlings, Bernasko, Ato Austin and Minyila. These are the ones who really showed selfless service to Ghana. To me, those amongst them living, deserve State Burial and a monument(s)should they die. Judges or people whose children are stealing our money deserve nothing. Mr Kufuor came with a promise and a message to help Ghana. Today,I can say with all the proof, that Ghana is rather helping him. Brothers, sisters, Ashantis, Girl friends and what have you, are in positions, where they are being helped by Ghana. Today, to my astonishment, we have Ashanti Ambassadors to Japan,Holland and Czechoslavia in the persons of Dr.Bawuah, Dr Ababio-Amponsah and the former Saleswoman at the GWSC, Miss Kufour.

I do not want to dwell much about the wicked acts of our politicians.You have an option, give the destiny of this nation to NORTHNERS, for they are in the nutshell,more honest. Dr Mahama, will,therefore, come to us in December and let us not forget the debt we owe the generation to come and vote for him. Your vote for Kuffour, Kwabena Agyapong and Asantehene Osei-Tutu will confirm your trust in them to suck you dry. They have no sympathy for the ordinary man and your monies have made them rich, whilst you live with poverty and die.I am more Ashanti than most of them, but decry their behaviour. Born of parents from Fomena and Bekwai, I was raised up to offer selfless service to mankind and nothing else.

Let us be very sincere with ourselves. When Kuffour will be using your money for his family without any meaningful results,won´t it then be better to vote for Dr. Mahama or Mills? I believe, either of them could speak better than Kuffour to uplift our image outside. Obasango goes on sayíng ...the issue,the issue, whilst Kufuor also starts with his ...eee!eee! Birds of the same feathers......

Look at his trick. He either appoints a committee or a commission on things any intelligent leader should know. IN politics, when this happen, then you know the government is lacking ideas as exhibited by Kuffour. They are only good at deceiving people and from the NRC you have seen their agenda. Now among their team of lies are Alhaji Alidu Mohammed, Baa-Acheamfour, the drunkard and Asiama, the youth who looks for cheaper way of making ends meet. Northners, do not make IC Quaye hide under islam to misuse you.Those who have been depending on him for breakfast, lunch and supper,tell him not this time. You want to be masters of your our own destiny. You want to fish ourselves.

On Ya Naa, demand a thoroughly investigation even though you know the perpertrators. If somebody kills me as an Ashanti, the police will investigate. Why not the same with the incorruptible Ya Naa? At least there is death and the police must investigate homocide or genocide. They must know what to do. North,what has been your problem not to see between the lines? Your DIGNITY and not WEALTH is at stake. And as Kuffour´s paid journalists like Haruna Atta continues to write about their ´Professor Lawyer........` giving him accorlade and helping them to divide but not unite Ghana, go out enmass and demand ´KUFFOUR MUST GO and in DECEMBER. All we are saying, give peace a chance

All we are saying, KUFUOR must GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

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