30.06.2004 Feature Article

Isn't this a shame?

Isn't this a shame?
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I listened to Joyfm's newfile programme with amasement. The panalist were discussing the murder of the judges and the testimony of Chris Archer. Chris Archer did not show up to be cross examination by the people he acused inconnection of the murder. Isn't it a shame that the government that invited Mr. Archer and granted imunity for running away from criminal conviction is refusing to bring this man for cross examination?

Mr Agyapong and Mr Kwaku Baaku claimed that they knew Mr. Tsikata was not involved in the murder, yet it is the these same individuals who have published articles and made claims that Tsikata was a part. Like the NPP government, the NRC is a complete failure. It is a political arm of the NPP to discredit people they hate. Now they know they can't because the fact will not justify their ill motive.

If this government is really serious about reconciliation, those responsible for the murder of the Yaanaa should be bought to book and be punished for their crimes. This is because the death of Yanaa occured in their regime and members of their of government are implicated. Finding the truth about the death of yanaa is as important as the murder of the judges. The NPP should stop playing politics with our country. We know the truth, and the truth shall always stand. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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