28.06.2004 Feature Article

Things that caught my eye!

Things that caught my eye!
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There have been numerous recent interesting developments concerning Ghana in the arena of education, G8 summit, Otumfuo, and what have you that are wealthy of attention.

For a start let's deliberate on education.

Education is the pivotal machinery that propels a nation's development. I wrote an article “financing tertiary education in Ghana” which was posted on in the mid of June this year. In that article I raised the issue of high and raising cost of education in Ghana, and the perceived difficulty financing it. What is interesting is that the very day the article was posted, the education ministry announced a proposed 100% increase in school fees for next academic year. Few days later, Ghanaian times reported that University of Ghana's students owed an amount of 10 billion cedis in school fees. This suggests that the students already cannot pay existing school fees, let alone a concomitant increase. Who is loosing here? Cleary is the Universities. Given that most Ghanaian families are poor in terms of cash flow, the reasonable alternative once again is education loans. Prudent loaning and collection mechanism would not hurt. G8 Summit All-though, no major significant achievement has emerged from the just ended conference for the G8, which Ghana participated. It is significant to note that the invitations was a major advancement for the country as she seeks to emerge from HIPC, and identify ways to put the nation on the wagon of job creation, infrastructural development, improve health care and host of other aspects that would improve the quality of life for the Ghanaian populace. Others have ridicule the leaders from Africa in that the leaders were there to beg for relieve. Well, if you rule a nation that is ridden with debt and poverty you have few choices. The first step in solving any problem is acknowledging that there is problem. And Ghana as well as other African countries realize that, and are determine to find a way to solve them. For example, Ghana's decision to opt for HIPC initiative. At the least, Ghana was showcased to the world that the government is determine to effect change. Otumfuo and the Ashantis There is an Ashanti adage that if you are better of than your colleague, he/she envies you. Clearly, this is what is happening in these wakes of attacks on the King of Ashanti and his people. It is ridiculous some of the arguments people advance to support their case. What is hard to comprehend about the achievements of Otumfuo? Some people are disgruntled because Otumfuo's image is on Ghana telecom's card, and receives a lot of publicity. All over the world people that make things happen gets rewarded every day. Great minds are awarded the Noble prize and other prestigious award, mainly not because they are of a particular ethnicity, race, creed and whatever, but due to their achievements. Prior to Otumfuo's enstoolment, what king or chief commanded such an influence of this magnitude that we are all observing? Ashanti region is a great contributor of natural resources that fetches the nation much of her income. There are many regions, which are parasitic regions. They exist to consume. But nobody writes to condemn them and their chiefs for their lack of contribution? People should really chill and cool off with these cheap shots at Ashantis and Otumfuo. What they need to do is to congratulate and emulate or shut up! NPP government/Corruption. I have read numerous articles on Ghanaweb in which people do nothing, but seek to display their intellectual weakness thinking they are expressing views. By all standards, the average Ghanaian is not a dummy contrary to what some of these writers try to insinuate. The populace can answer if they were better off previously, then they are now under NPP? Recently, Governor, John Rowland, of Connecticut (USA) stepped down due to evidence of corruption against him. In Ghana, the likes of Solomey, Peprah, Adams and others are doing jail time due to evidence of corruption against them. In the past, Komla Dumor of Joy FM suspected dubious accounting transactions involving management at SSNIT and other business entities. What he did was referred the case to the appropriate people to investigate and possibly prosecute. Ashily raised various allegations suggesting some ministers are corrupt in the article “this is not the NPP we voted for part III”. If you have any evidence that suggest a particular minister is corrupt, why don't you refer it to the appropriate authorities? Granted Africa's big problems are tyranny and corruption, which is no secret. Help bring those that participate in corrupt activity to justice, not making noise about it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's help bring tribal unity and cooperation, positive change through writing positively, suggestions to improve policies and refrain from tribal bashing and disintegration, lashing out at others where there is no evidence does not only display our weak thinking, but also does not benefit the nation. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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