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The lad has done well- Alhaji Aliu

The lad has done well-  Alhaji Aliu
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I am always baffled by the attitude of some of our people- their lack of humility; inability to empathise; uncouth and uncultured behaviour and their breath taking arrogance. Some Africans have a belief that once they have a BA, MA PhD they can insult their elders, ridicule their elected representatives and pretend as if it is all in the spirit of democracy and transparent governments.

I find your columnist comments on Alhaji Aliu - Vice President, extremely insulting and distasteful.

A few questions to the columnists:

1. When did the VP become naive, stupid and simple mindedness?

2 What does he mean by Alhaji Aliu was brought from nowhere?

3 When did a road building contractor became nobody? Could you columnist explain to me who is somebody?

4 If that is what he is saying in the open about a road contractor then I shudder to think what he will utter about our hardworking farmers; fishermen; street hawkers; mechanics; banku sellers etc? In sum our mothers/aunties/ brothers and uncles

5 What does your columnist mean by Alhaji Aliu has surrounded himself with "chieftaincy advisers not professional advisers" could he explained himself a bit. I guess having a paper with the inscription Bsc, Msc PhD makes one a better person and a professional? if it was'ent bunkum and nonsense one would have responded . Will somebody get it into his greasy and dumb head that the mere acquisition of BA; MA ; PhD does not make one "educated, intelligent, professional or cultured" .

Quiet on the contrary, my aunties at Nkawie are more intelligent, civilised, cultured and well mannered than most "so-called paper graduates/Doctors" that I have had the misfortune to come into contact with. .

6 Since when did the recital of the quaran became a criteria for high office?

7 When was the Vice President appointed VP of Dagbon?

8 I remember very well the President and the VP being sworn in as the Fathers of the nation not fathers of Dagbon or Nkawie?

In my humble opinion, the VP Mr Alit has done a good job; he has travelled the breadth and width of the whole country, interacted with millions of ordinary people and won the hearts and minds of most Ghanaians with his humility, sensible approach to difficult issues and calmness.

I guess I need to remind your columnist and other "tribal- agitators" that Alhaji Aliu is not the Vice President for Dagbon- get this message into the greasy heads of the tribal fanatics whose main role in life is "divisions; divisions; divisions".

We are a matured people, we are getting sick and tired of responsible parties, honourable MP's, intelligent guys, former President's, ex Ministers fanning the ethnic flames. Most ordinary Ghanaians just want to move on in life, leave peacefully with their neighbours, intermarry and simply take people as they are.

Alhaji Aliu is the Vice President of Ghana.". He is my Vice President, a damn good friend he will never stab one in the back, and a father to all Ghanaians. He has my vote an Ashanti vote) Agyare's vote an Akim vote) Fiagbe's vote Ewe vote) Akewle' s vote( Ga vote) Aba's vote(fante vote) Baba Yaw's vote (Dagbon n vote) and the votes of many sensible, thinking Ghanaians from all tribes and all areas of work.

By all means let us debate on issues, ideas and policies but PLEASE LEAVE OUT TRIBAL SENTIMENTS- TAKE PEOPLE AS THEY ARE-TWIT.

He has elevated the Vice Presidency and raised its profile. He deserves to run as "best and soul mate" to our President.

Well Done Alhaji

Appiah - Danquah Bedfordshire, Luton Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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