21.05.2004 Feature Article

Kufuor Administration and Fuel Prices

By Umar
Kufuor Administration and Fuel Prices
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The Kuffour administration promised to raised fuel prices when the price of crude exceeds 40 dollars a barrel, we havn't seen any increment even though the crude oil is 42 dollars a barrel, I louded that decision from the goverment but they seem to be back traking from that promised even though it in best interest of our country to stop subsidising patrolium and patrolium product.

I believe the goverment change in position is due to the comming general election,we are in tough economic time and we need strong leaders to take tough decisions to save our country even if doing so will have a political consequenses.the bigger picture is saving ghana at all cost.lets do our away with ideology of doing everything to stay in power. Lets do everything to keep ghana in power instead of political parties.

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