An Open Letter To Prof Raymond Atugubah

Feature Article An Open Letter To Prof Raymond Atugubah
MAR 3, 2022 LISTEN

Dear Ray,

Your subtle call for a military coup during your recent public lecture constitutes an affront to our democratic principles.

As an astute academic of your kind, one would expect that your pronouncements reflect the exact academic traits you exhibit in the classroom. However, your epileptic resolve to descend into such an abyss of absurdity renders you a locus classicus of a democratic irritant who aims at derailing the democratic gains we have chalked as a country.

It is worth stressing the fact that a military coup is not a romantic adventure as you may be thinking. The ravages from military coups since 1966 are clearly evident for all to see and that is the main reason why it is very treasonable for any citizen to even preconceive such an idea.

But do I have to really blame you? Undeniably, you were only echoing to the dreary din of political debauchery stemming from your political affinity towards the opposition. Apparently, nothing corroborates a man than his own words.

It is not bad to subscribe to the ideals of any political movement, however, the national interest should supersede all other political interests and you ought to know that as an academic.

Sadly, your reckless outburst has suddenly made you a stooge of dishonesty. And if I may ask, do you have the testicular fortitude to prosecute that despicable and undemocratic prescription you gave in your lecture?

If indeed you wanted to do an honest intellectually-oriented surgical dissection of the current state of our economy, not borne out of any intellectual dishonesty and skewness, you ought to have charted the path of solely proffering viable solutions capable of ameliorating the mess our economy is currently facing. However, due to political expediency you decided to rather prescribe an undemocratic solution which can further erode our democratic space.

I hope this my wise counsel causes you to switch from your current undemocratic armageddon prognostications going forward!

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana and Make Our Nation Great and Strong

Nana Antwi Boasiako Barimah