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Ghana Development: lack Of Knowledge & Wickedness

Ghana Development: lack Of Knowledge & Wickedness
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" Is not the great defect of our education today that although we often succeed in teaching our pupils ' subjects,' we fail lamentably on the whole in teaching them how to think? They learn everything except the art of learning." -----"The Lost Tools of Leaning" Dorothy Sayers Young people forget what they learned and don't know how to tackle a new subject for themselves, so they go on creating problems for themselves, their families, their communities, their Nations, and the world at large. No purposes, no principles, they have been deceived by men who claimed to have the answers to their problems, but those men don't even know why one plus one is two ( 1+1 = 2 ), because in the real world, people care about success not principle. They follow people's ideology thinking man is right, and he is God. The primary Hebrew term knowledge, yada, means " to know by experience." It implies that " to know " does not simply mean to have theoretical knowledge of an object and its nature, it refers to personal relationship between the knower and the object known, a relationship characterized by care, concern, and importance. How do we know that 1+ 1 = 2?

" And is it not shameless when we do not know what knowledge is, to be explaining the verb "to know"? The truth is, Theaetus, that we have long been infected with logical impurity. Thousands of times have we repeated the words "we know," and "we have or have not science or knowledge,"as if we could understand what we are saying to another,even while we remain ignorant about knowledge: and at this moment we are using the "we understand." as though we could still employ them when deprived of knowledge or science. ---Plato, Theaetetus.196e

Now my question is, is our knowledge valid,certain and justified as require by God? We are all writing our life examination mathematically before God who is the examiner, Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit being the master-teacher. We are going to submit our papers for marking at death. Are we sure we have make it? Please we should correct our mistakes before it is too late. The result should be heaven on earth for you and me in Ghana. God bless you.

"For Ghana's sake will I not hold my peace, and for Okyeman's sake I will not rest, until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness, and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth. ( Isaiah 62 : 1 ) Paulius Owuraku Amoa-Kodie ( International Regeneration Project "Isaiah 62" ) Dallas Baptist University, Tx. USA Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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