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A Call To My people

A Call To My people
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(Become a Joseph)

Very few of "my readers" respond to "my madness" and so I am NOT asking ___ to reply to each of the pieces that I send. What I have observed is that some of my readers are able to reference (talk about) some of the past readings and the action they plan to take. It is that critical. A whole nation is at stake.

Your reference to the power of alumni was great because you read and now you are moving the piece forward. The only way we can make a difference is to stay informed and then act upon the information that we receive. In this age and time, there is NO excuse whatsoever to be ignorant. Part of the problem for many people is ignorance. There is no excuse to miss out. We live in an information age and so ignorance can be costly.

Will you believe that Uncle __ has come to this conclusion? I did not want to tell him yesterday when he said that, that "I told you so." We encouraged him to go to school in 19- - but he refused and now he is talking about education. Education also is not only from the Classroom. Staying informed and acting upon that information can move a nation forward. O, the importance of education to democracy!!! Priceless!

It is not asking much of anyone to stay on top of affairs here and at home. Cape Coast is now experiencing a big water shortage and if you know people there, you should be aware and concerned. Lack of water can affect everything including formal education. Some students are at home now due to the water shortage.

Therefore, will you please stay alert, informed, and then pray and do what the Lord will have you to do to make a difference? We can not do it by ourselves but we know who can. Do you know that you can sponsor a kid in Ghana for less than $25 a month? I know that we help families at home from time to time but we can do more. “To whom much is given..... much is expected of.” We can do no less.

Like Joseph, we have been placed here for a divine reason "for such a time as this." Esther in the Old Testament (OT) did make a difference in her place of residence. In 2007, Ghana will be 50 years old since independence (Gold Coast is older than that) and part of the celebration will be the "Joseph Project?" A call to all in the Diaspora (us) to respond, may be with a visit to the Motherland and much more. Joseph in the OT, Genesis 39-50, did make a big difference for his nation. Please read and become a "Joseph." Although he was sold into slavery by his own brothers, Joseph helped a whole nation by the providence of God. One person, by the grace of God, can make a difference.

Most of us are in the Diaspora willingly but that was not by an accident. When you see a turtle on a fence post, ask how it got there. When you wake up today, thank God and look out for the "least of His people." Find out what these people are doing. You may not have much to spare but will you help someone any way because "ketewa biara nnsua." Nothing is too small. Become a Joseph to someone.

When you start at your corner of the world and I start at my corner, others may start also and eventually the whole world will come together.

We are called to be a part of the solution and each one of us does have a gift from God to contribute by His power. Together, we are making a difference in His name and time.

A daddy, tired from work, was baby sitting his four year-old son in the evening. After giving his best for about an hour, the son kept bothering him. In a way of keeping the boy busy and quiet, the dad tore up a picture of a globe and asked the son to go to his room and to put it together like a puzzle. He thought that will keep the son occupied for a long time.

The son went to his room and came back in a few minutes. The dad was surprised that the son accomplished the task so quickly, the dad proceeded to ask a question.

Dad: "How did you put the globe together so quickly? Son: "Dad, when I put the picture of the man at the back of the globe together, the whole world came together.

Therefore, the world will come together as we reach out one by one by God's power and strength. We can do that effectively as we stay informed and engaged.

We are called to be God's people. Let us take this calling seriously and do our parts to make this world a better place by the power of God. Will you be a Joseph?

We are making a difference!!!!!! Y3nnpa aba da, Nyame ntsi!!! (We will not go weary and tired by the grace of God!!!) Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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