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Open Letter To Ghana Customs

Open Letter To Ghana Customs
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Please pass this on to whoever I can complain to about the vicious and unjust treatment of the Ghana Government from an innocent and honest American who is outraged with the customs officials who will not hear me nor answer me. I may have to sue your Government, the airport and customs for the pain and suffering that I'm enduring with this.

Dear Custom People

My name is David Bersson and you have my property in customs.

I am trying to get assistance so it will not be seized, which would be a great mistake since it is family valuables and no one has any business stealing my property.

I have just written Congress, the President of the United States, Hillary Clinton and various other political officials trying to get them to untangle this terrible error.

It was Dr. Boateng who refused to open the metal box and not I. I tried to authorize him to open the box and he told me "the ball was in my court" leaving with in dismay that he had permitted my property to be taken into customs rather than shipped as I paid him to do.

Please note that I fully cooperated with customs, and I am not a crimminal of any sort.

I am attached my shipping slip to remind you that I have already paid for shipping.

Ship my consignment for I am an honest & good man who wants my property.

Respectfully, David Bersson Email: [email protected]

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