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Rumour Mongering Or Truth - Rejoinder

Rumour Mongering Or Truth - Rejoinder
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NPP IMPORTING GUNS for Elections by Kwaku Danso A CITIZEN RESPONSE AND A REJOINDER I have to address you on a "side bar" for obvious reasons. Please let it rest. NPP Government has no intention or beneficial motive to import "Guns/Arms for Election". You are refusing to think hard about the sources of such information or rumors. Tell us all from whenever you started reading and comprehending national politics, who are the group/s in Ghana that have benefited from coup, disturbances, chaotic, and destabilizations in the country. My honest answer, the so-called SOCIALIST GROUP. I have the 20 wasted years of Rawlings to support my answer. We have had a bunch of no-do-wells, competent at nothing (may be only at destructive activities), and those who cannot compete on even field parading in our universities, and workers union offices shouting SOCIALISM and imploring all mechanism to stabilize the country so that they could benefit.

From Kofi Awoonoe to ET Mensah, and list goes on to the current idiotic socialist forum who jump on the back of the working poor and amassed wealth to the zenith. Go through the list of all appointees, appointed CEO of SOEs, ministers, secretaries and commissioners who have served in all military governments in Ghana and you will understand why these groups and their quasi legal party are turning on the lies and rumors manufacturing and assemble lines to the unprecedented level against NPP government.

These people are without shame and very insensitive to the dignity and standard of living of the people. With the exception of global standard of living index that rose even in countries like Mali, Niger, and Sudan for the pass decade, no one can say that Ghanaians benefited from 20 years of Rawlings insanities.

Talking about importation of arms for election, please it is record that GAF imported logistics for the 2000 election that could last the 15000 men army for 50 years. Tell us, Prince if GAF imported only tinapa, Keta schoolboys (KSB) and kooko!

Trust me, NPP is not without faults. Many of us are steam mad and are advising our people not show up at the Election Day because of gross incompetence demonstrated by NPP in the areas of :

1. Fix the stinking Civil service and make it responsive to the business community and Ghanaians as a whole. Example, why should anyone have to spend over 100 days to establish business and operate legally in Ghana? Why should any serious investor parade the corridors of IRS, VAT, Abeasi's office, and other places before he could run a 20 million cedis restaurant legally? It is upsetting to know that there are simple and straight solutions to such ingrained stupidities. The ONE STOP SHOPING concept suggest to NPP big men in April 2001 to cut the registration of business entity to 2 hour exercise is still missing in the "going through the motions" posture of Kuffour appointees.

2. Land Reforms. The stench that covers this important facet of development is beyond description. Kuffour's NPP had buried their head in sand and had voided bring this to the public for debate and discuss. You cannot develop any society without intelligent and well-defined land management system and access to legal ownership of land. Many people have lost billions of USA dollars in Ghana because of greedy chiefs and landlords who have intimidated and beat back governments upon governments not to reform the land management. In many cases, these governments form commissions, task forces, and committees at the expense of national budget only to come back empty handed. There is a simple solution but Kuffour NPP is NOT ready to offend the Otumfuos, Matses, Nanas, Naas, Yanaas, Awomeofias, and, and others. In fact you should not expect any sensible land reform policy from Kuffour's NPP for obvious reasons. Take for example an appointment of Mr. SA Boafo as Ashanti regional Minister speaks volumes. This minister in his private life made fortunes at the expense of the poor people in Asante as a lawyer specialized in Stool Lands Litigation. He benefited on the corrupt and irresponsible land management system in Ghana. Do you think such man can bite the hands that fed him? Sadly a solution had already been proposed to Kuffour men since March 2001.

3. National Security. Inability of this selected group to bring to the ground the groups that are making the rounds with manufactured and made-believe rumors to give cause for violence overthrow of NPP government. Do not look very far; USA had to deal with the Black Panther and KKK groups and many other sinister groups. There are humane methods, and legal ways to bring the ringleaders of the arm thugs and groups such as the socialist group and others who are determined to cause civil unrest in the country as a precursor for violent overthrow of the government. To the National Security apparatus, self-glorification and self-acceptance that, these groups are "CONTAINED/CAGED" is not enough. The violence group is looking for one freak chance and the rest will be history. You must work to uproot these groups instead of containing them. Some of us have suggested to the Kuffour's NPP security honchos, means and ways to carry the fight to these dangerous groups but as usual they are complacent in their approach.

So Prince, you can critique and attack Kuffour and his NPP on numerous and legitimate areas, and the people will respond to you and your message, and most importantly the educated Akans will not ask for the heads of educated Ewes or the Gas will not go after the Moshes. Nor the Krobos pull dagger at the Nfantis. Why educated people? Because the poor and uneducated Ghanaians want to co-habit peacefully. If you want a proof, check Ghana web's SIL.

Rumors and display of stupidity or should I say to blatantly lie to Ghanaians? Absolutely yes!

Let us take and examine the work of the NDC foot soldiers in Central Region. Deputy Minister Asamoah Boateng was accused of being an Asante from Konongo in Asante Akyem district and his decision to contest a parliamentary seat in Central Region is imposition of Asantes on the Nfantes. Very clever for NDC propaganda team! How hard is it to check that the minister's connection with Konongo where he only attended KOSS? It is like someone telling me that my name and me attending Kumasi High make me an Asante or more Asante than Mr. Oti-Mensah who was born and bred in Adum to an Asante parents but attended Achimota. But NDC foot soldiers made the rounds with such music until it was picked up and reported in the news. These foot soldiers have no means and resources to crosscheck such information fed to them by NDC propaganda machinery. I can pardon the foot soldiers since they don't know better, however, the NDC regional office in the region and headquarters at Accra must have a way to check on the minister. However the NDC hierarchy in all attempts to "de-Nfantized" the minister and perhaps wins the seat made common decency and respect for the electorate went out the window.

Prince, I have cited specific examples to you so that each time you want to join in discussion of respect, please give us your sources, and demonstrate your sweeping statements with real life example otherwise you become one of the rumormongers. Educated us about the elements such as who, where, what, which, and when of Guns for Election. Till then, please give it a rest.

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