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Stop Apeasing Rawlings - Rejoinder

Stop Apeasing Rawlings - Rejoinder
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I am very surprised to read such uninformed, politically charged and ill-prepared contribution from a so-called “Professor”.

I find there is a problem fast creeping up on us (Ghanaians) with just anyone with a Doctorate degree or the titles MBA/Professor attached to their names feeling they can bully their way to stardom by belittling others.

The contribution or so it may be called with its political inclinations and “acrobatics” should not be left without a response, and that is what I have set to do with this rejoinder.

That most of our so-called Learned ones have lost touch with reality is an understatement. My question to Mr Ayittey is when did he last visit Ghana, and how much does he know about politics in Ghana? To stoop so low with the word appease shows his real political inclinations, though he did not expect it to be that obvious. Those days are gone when those with paper qualification whether earned or “bought” lauded it over the masses with their little exposure to “abrokyire”, this uninformed Prof should note that book-smart is different from Street-smart. If this “Prof” was really in tune with the situation in Ghana and was political neutral as he tried so hard to portray, he would first have taken a look at JJR's position and comments vis-à-vis the political climate and the causes thereof.

For Mr. Ayittey (I reserve the salutation “Professor” for smarter people) to just look at issues in such a vague way and spew so much garbage without knowing the real issues on the ground in Ghana as is evident in his post speaks volumes. Mr Ayittey, you wrote “ In the interest of disclosure, I must declare that I am not a card-carrying member of the NPP. I do not seek any post from Kufuor Administration, nor have I received a Pesewa from it. I am motivated to write this on behalf of the supreme interest of Ghana.” Since when did you start to care about Ghana ?

Examples of such boot-licking staunts are abundantly available in Canada, from where I write and people like you who try to use academia as a spring-board to take a swipe at others have something coming for you. It is common knowledge that what is good for the goose is good (if not better) for the gander. Where were you in the wake of the 2000 elections when similar things were going on with the NPP in opposition? I bet you'll come back with the excuse you did not know all that happened during that period, or some other lousy excuse. It is for the same reason that I implore you to stay in the whiteman's country and be “accomplished” in Economics without making such naïve statements about issues you have little knowledge about. It is enough to be a Professor, but please come again with much information and do not make a laughing stock of yourself with statements like…”

Since stepping down in January 2001, Rawlings has continued to make ugly noises and "boom" speeches, hurling threats, intimidation, spewing scurrilous allegations about who murdered the Yaa-Na, the mysterious deaths of 20 women during his tenure and even beating up some of his own NDC supporters” Which of these so-called allegations have you had the opportunity to investigate or be privy to. As is always said, ""comments are free, facts are sacred “I word to the educated is in the south”, so please come again and come well without the political undertones. Email author: [email protected]

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