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President Kufuor Has met His Match!

President Kufuor Has met His Match!
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The day Ghanaians will approve or disapprove of the stewardship of the present government for the next four years is drawing closer,and as has been the trend ,accusations,counter-accusations ,lying for political expediency,unrealistic promises,increasing in cutting of sod for projects,insults amongst political opponents and the like have started storming the atmosphere.

One news that makes interest reading is the interview granted former deputy minister of defence,Dr.Tony Aidoo by a radio station,when the NDC firebrand alleged president Kuffour does not speak good English , and the re-actions thereafter.

My piece is in responds to those who outrightly condemned Dr. Tony Aidoo. Have the NPP sympathisers so soon forgotten names they called Rawlings when he was our president? What insults under the sun were not heaped on Rawlings.?

Didn't the NPP use the academic achievements of Kuffour to castigate Rawlings and the NDC prior to the 1996 elections ?.I remember very well that newspaper middle pages were bought by the NPP where they displayed the portrait of Rawlings and Kuffour with their CV beneath. Ghanaians at then did not even know that Kuffour's Masters degree NPP was making noise about ,was not actually studied for,but was rather gifted to him.

We all thought that we have entered into a new era in politics devoid of name callings,when suddenly Mr.Edumadze,the central regional minister shamelessly stained the gains we had made, by calling Prof.Atta Mills a poodle. Where were those who are condemning Tony Aidoo when Edumadze opened his unchecked mouth ?

Today if Kuffour has got his match and his ability to speak the English language has been put under the telescope ,and is being compelled to his academically superior opponent in the run-up to the election ,what is wrong with that ?

I implore the NPP to once again buy newspaper middle pages ,present portraits of Kuffour and his chief opponent ,Mills, present their academic achievements under their pictures for Ghanaians to know as the NPP did during the 1996 campaign .(The NPP must not forget to bring only academic achievements studied for).

In fairness and as a matter of fact Dr.Aidoo's assertion is not a conjecture .He knows what he said and he is reported to have said that he stands by his word. I see no reason why some people can not countenance a simple truth.Those in academia (I am not included) know what Dr.Aidoo is talking about.

Some people have branded Tony Aidoo as controversial . But I do not see him that way.His style can be described as a mark of boldness.He makes light work on issues people are reluctant(or is it afriad of ?) to confront head-on .

The other day , Rawlings was judged via the media as the academically minnow when he was facing Kuffour in an election.

Today, if Kuffour is facing Mills in an election, and has been judged the academically minnow and that he does not speak good English ,what is wrong with that ?

Those who can not come to terms with this simple truth should go to hell and somersault ! ! Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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