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Pressure Mounts On GBC Director General To Quit -WHY?

Pressure Mounts On GBC Director General To Quit -WHY?
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Once again, I have to break my silence on this issue.Pressure mounting on Miss Lokko to quit.Why?
Why is that people find it very difficult to work with people who are principled and demand fair wage for a fair day's job? Unecessary allegations. If I should quote the offences of Miss Lokko as reported on myjoyonline
"In a document entitled Ten Months at the GBC: A personal Statement to the corporation's Board of Directors and Executive Directors, the National Media Commission, the Minister of Information, the Chief of Staff at the Castle and the Director General herself published by the Statesman newspaper, Ken Amankwah Deputy Director General accuses his superior of incompetence and unprofessionalism claims that "decay and decrepitude" is now becoming "a feature of GBC" under Miss Lokko.
Amankwah's criticism of Lokko comes barely a week after hundreds of workers of the state broadcaster staged an in-house demonstration to demand the removal of Miss Loko who they say is too heavy handed in her style of management and insensitive to the feelings of workers.
But prime on the list of sins against her according to the workers is the deduction of social security and tax deduction, staff salaries, promotions,, insurance policies for staff and staff welfare among others.
Amankwah's criticism though is more scathing. In a six-page document, he accuses Lokko of acting as though "she owns GBC and therefore all of us should become supplicants at her table."
He also says Lokko practices a "micro management control culture, which is stifling creativity."
This, Amankwah says includes a requirement at GBC that the Director General must be consulted before the smallest purchase is made and undermining of the authority of other members of parliament.
Amankwah outlines several instances, which he claims lends credence to Lokko's mismanagement of GBC.
"I thought it was a joke when the D-G said we should justify our demand for TV sets... Does it need any justification for to watch and evaluate our own programmes?" Amankwah wrote.
Miss Eva Loko, an information technology expert previously with the United Nations became Director General of GBC about two years ago. She has ruled the huge broadcasting house with an iron fist but her supporters say Miss Loko's style is best suited for GBC where workers, like most state employees are not driven enough to produce their best and effectively do as they wish without any checks".
From all the complaints of Mr Amankwah, all I can say is that Miss Eva Lokko is doing a good job and should be given the needed support and encouragement.She should not quit because she will not allow people to reap where they have not sown and will not sit down unconcerned as others do to let people eat in her name.I suppose Miss Lokko is not only INFOTECH EXPERT BUT A VERY GOOD ECONOMIST and understands the principles of accountability which is very difficult to do in Ghanaian community.
In Ghana if you will not condone and accept mediocrity people find you to be insentive and all kinds of adjective.Miss Lokko is the right person to handle GBC so no one should make the mistake of giving GBC to Mr Amankwah for he has no good intentions for the corporation. All the allegations by Mr Amankwah are not tangible enough to warrant Miss Lokko to resign.
Let's learn from the case of Ghana airways where Mr. William Pamford Bray was asked to hand over to Mr Phillip Owusu only for Ghana airways' problems to be aggravated.
Miss Lokko more grease to your elbow, please don't give in to the greedy people to destroy GBC. GORDON NEWLOVE ASAMOAH PUBLIC POLICY ANALYST,UK Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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