13.02.2004 Feature Article

Things That Makes U Go Hmmmmmm

Things That Makes U Go Hmmmmmm
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How come the Chronicle newspaper failed to publish the last part of its five part series on the BAMBAGATE: Scandal Rocks President's Office? Scent oooooooo chronicle…… have you been silenced with some $$$$$$ Hmmmmmm These are front page news over a period of a few days in Ghana. "Civil Service dismisses Lily Mensah for visa deals" "Konongohene exposed in visa deal" "Farmer arraigned for duping four persons Sunyani in visa deal" "Sculptor remanded for forging visa documents" Scandal Rocks President's Office - Part IV: Visa Scam! Legon SRC Pres Implicated in visa deals, bribery & corruption Apparently, the eternal wish of every citizen is to flee the country by fair or foul means, and our chiefs, public servants and even ministers are now visa contractors. I thought the govt said Ghana was getting better. Will the last person leaving the country please turn the lights out …hmmmmmm How come those who happen not to be President Kufour's Klansmen (Malam Isah, Bamba) always get the sack without any investigation, while his Klansmen (Apraku, Addo Kufuor, Tarzan) always get the benefit of a formal investigation? It's treatment like this that makes northerners and Muslims go Hmmmmmm Media Identifies with NPP - JAK Why wouldn't Ghanaian journalists identify with the NPP when they have either been bought off or have simply decided to sell their consciences? Joe Aggrey - Deputy Minister Kwesi Biney – DCE Kabral Amihere – High Comissioner to Sierra Leone Haruna Atta - Board Member TOR Nana Ohene Ntow, Ayim and co. - special advisors Kwesi Coomson - bought off and enjoying his booty in the U.K. …and many many more. It therefore stands to reason that the government will enjoy its newfound love. It's media men like this that made Fela sing “Folllow follow make u open eyes, open ears, open sense” Govt Has Made Tremendous Gains - Osafo-Maafo We have made progress – Kufuor Kufuor and Osafo Marfo, if you, your friends and families are ok, that does not mean the average Ghanaian is OK. Do not give us bitter pills to swallow when you and kinsmen are loosening your belts. It's “nkwaseasem” like this that makes the shoeshine boys who voted NPP go hmmmmmm Some weeks ago President Kufuor asked us (Ghanaians) to judge him on his records. Mr. president, Could you please, show us or list all the records you have in mind? If you don't care, I can help you start the list. 1. Hmmmmmm 2. Hmmmmmm 3.Hmmmmmm President Kufuor massively renovated and extended his private house with public funds. Thus, Kufuor, like most of rural Ghana benefited from the HIPC funds. I suggest a "HIPC Benefit" signboard, which he has ordered to be erected in front of govt built toilets, should also be erected in front of his house. My own logic makes me go hmmmmmm Total number of Ghanaians at Ghana Telecom= 4100 Total number of Norwegians at Ghana Telecom= 31 Annual pay to all Ghanaian employees at Ghana Telecom= US$1 million Annual pay to all TMP (Telenor Management Partners) employees at Ghana Telecom= US$5.7 million It's voluntary apartheid like this that makes the Boers of South Africa go hmmmmmm Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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