Truck crashes into concrete railing on Pokuase interchange

Social News Truck crashes into concrete railing on Pokuase interchange
JAN 27, 2022 LISTEN

A container on a cargo truck fell off and crushed part of the concrete railing on the Pokuase interchange in Accra.

The incident happened on the Kwabenya-bound side of the interchange on Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

It is believed the truck was going over the speed limit, leading to the accident.

The driver of the truck, Nicolas Odai, blamed the accident on the curve, which he said was “too sharp.”

“I knew we could not prevent the container from falling, so we had to run for safety,” he said.


Speaking to Citi News, External Operations Manager of Zhongmei Engineering Group Ltd, Desmond Yaw Hodanu Bedi noted that most of the crashes on the road could be attributed to the continuous disregard for the required speed limit by motorists.

Contractors of the four-tier Pokuase interchange are cautioning motorists to drive within the required speed limit when approaching the project.


They contend that speeding on the interchange is resulting in numerous crashes.

“When approaching all the curves, we have 40km per hour that you have to drive. Any driver who goes beyond that will have such fatalities.”

“This is the second time I am actually reiterating this. If you go beyond 40km, you will have such fatalities,” Mr. Bedi said to Citi News.

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