Video: Lady almost prepares soup with condom

Social News Video: Lady almost prepares soup with condom
JAN 26, 2022 LISTEN

A Nigerian lady is unable to hide her shock and disgust after she found a used condom inside the belly of a fish she was about to cook.

The lady, in a video sighted on Instagram, shows the fish which was supposed to end up in her soup, with the tip of the condom popping out of its mouth like a bulb in its socket.

As she tries to pull out the rubber from the mouth of the fish, she exclaims in disgust, “Why will I be cooking and see a condom inside a fish? Who did this? Who threw their condom inside the river? I won’t eat this fish, I swear to God. Can you imagine? A condom inside a fish”.

It surely is a bit of a relief that the insides of a fish are removed before cooking because I can’t even begin to imagine the bizarre things we would be eating.

On a regular, it should not be much of a big deal finding weird things in the belly of a fish because we know all things unwanted on land end up in water bodies especially in Africa but this sure leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Was the fish caught alive or dead? If alive, how did it not suffocate with that huge condom choking its gills?

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