Sex And Power: The Indelible Disgrace Prince Andrew Has Brought Upon The British Royal Family

Feature Article Sex And Power: The Indelible Disgrace Prince Andrew Has Brought Upon The British Royal Family
JAN 25, 2022 LISTEN

The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, recently lost his military ranks and the right of royal patronage.

This was announced by Buckingham Palace, following charges of sexual misconduct brought Against the Duke of York.

How could a noble person such as Prince Andrew, who fought for his country in the Falklands, be involved in a sex trafficking case leading to the stripping of his honorary military titles?

It will recall that in 2006, Jeffrey Epstein, an American businessman was accused of involving minors in prostitution.

Epstein was in prison for 13 months and after concluding a deal with the investigation, he was released.

However, thirteen years after his release, the deal was declared illegal because Epstein's victims were not informed about it, and on July 6, 2019, he was rearrested for human trafficking and sexual slavery.

Just as the vultures always have delight feasting around carcasses, the Epstein sex trafficking case made headlines across the globe. However, a few days later Epstein was arrested, he was found dead in a prison cell.

According to the investigation leading to his death, Epstein committed suicide. Many people across the globe didn’t believe that the accused took his life.

Till today, people think Epstein was killed to avoid mentioning the names of his friends, some people occupying high positions involved in minor sex trafficking.

A dead person has no power anymore over the living but sometimes strange things happen after death.

Documents and personal records of Jeffery Epstein revealed that some politicians, including Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, celebrities, and Prince Andrew were involved.


Left, the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, and the late Jeffery Epstein

“And if your night should turn to day, A lot of people will run away,” sang Bob Marley, ‘Who The Cap Fit?.’ A dead person can neither speak nor defend himself.

All the friends of Epstein involved in the sex trafficking case, including Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, and Bill Clinton denied being involved.

The same Bill Clinton during his tenure as the president of the United States of America denied having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, an American activist and White House intern, then later admitted to having sexual relations with her.

But one of the victims who accused Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman soliciting young girls for Epstein and his friends, said she was introduced to meet Donald Trump when she was just 14. Maxwell, 60, will be sentenced in June since her lawyers are battling for a retrial.

When the sex trafficking case was uncovered, like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, Prince Andrew also denied being involved.

However, one Virginia Giuffre’s lawyers have prepared a lawsuit against the Duke of York, after she claimed he raped her when she became a victim of Epstein’s sex trafficking.

Pondering over this case reveals how sex and power can put people in big trouble.

If this case would have happen in Ghana, believe me, it will never reach far, everything will be swept under the carpet, yet people pray for the success of Ghana under the weakest and most corrupt judiciary system in the world.

Prince Andrew now preparing to face sexual abuse lawsuit. What happens next is what I can’t tell.

However, what I know is nobody is above the law and whatever evil a man sows on earth, he will get his payback or reward, while living not after death.

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