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NUGS Apology Is Uncalled For

NUGS Apology Is Uncalled For
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The NUGS apology to the government and the people of Ghana is really uncalled for and unnecessary since the purpose of the peoples assembly was meant to discuss, answer and clarify issues which have gone on throughout the year. Therefore, what is the fault of the president of NUGS to ask a question to seek, clarify and give an automaton to the government on an issue, which the government and people concern have failed to resolve and give the necessary attention to.

I really know how gestures mean so much in the Ghanaian culture but I believe so strongly that we should be able to forget about all this unnecessary things and talk about facts and sense in what the NUGS president said. In addition, I think it should be the government and the people of Ghana topmost headache to think and how to solve the issue of corruption in government officials and public servants.

There have been so much noise on how the NUGS president spoke to the president of our dearest country but this is how we must look at it, you have the whole president of this country and some very important politicians who stand on platforms to insult, demoralize and make some pronouncements which are totally unaccepted in the Ghanaian culture. What do we say of that? So, can I say the youth get what they see and hear from our leaders?

Let us look at how the gentle giant also answered the question. If someone have asked a question which depicts his youthfulness, how the president answered shows his……………. .

Can I conclude by saying if you throw a ball at a wall it bounces back to you. So, politicians and members of government know how to talk on air and in public because?

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